Have you ever just been in a place in your life where you’ve tried every trick in the book in your life and your business? You’ve tried every recipe, every strategy, and every tool and trick but to no avail. That is the best place to be because in this moment it’s the moment that you let go. Give up “trying” and really just follow and be in the flow. A lot of times we are trying to “do” so many things trying to get the things that we think we need, but in all honesty the energy that we produce things is the exact same energy that is repelling what we desire. When we can trust, expect, and know that the desires of our hearts will be fulfilled in a greater and cooler way than our minds could ever expect, then that’s when they actually do!

Putting the Divine in the driver’s seat of your life - and really big – your business, allows you to experience more peace, serenity, serendipitous moments, synchronicity, manifestations. This message is short and sweet. I just want to share my personal experience of allowing the Divine to lead my life. What does that look like for me? It looks like an abundance of peaceful moments, clarity of mind, clarity of action, laughing and joy, an abundance of opportunities coming my way without me seeking them out, and so much more!

Learn to go with the flow and trust that the Divine/Spirit has your back and knows what you desire. Expect that abundance, peace, joy, and love will and can be your daily reality when you trust in the truth of who you are and who we are all connected with. It is our natural state of being, and though working through our shadow sides and the darker parts of ourselves may seem overwhelming at times and even unbearable, when we learn to embrace all experience as Divine, the more loving and desired feelings that we want do naturally start to arise without much effort on our parts.

I hope you found this helpful and enlightening,

Love & Light,