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6 At Home Workouts For Busy Professionals

Most of us lead busy lives, whether we work for ourselves or others. And sometimes it may feel like you just don’t have time to be healthy or exercise. That’s why for

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The #1 Ingredient To Manifest Anything

I used to struggle with the entire idea of me being 100% the creator of my own reality because on some level it was too painful to accept the fact that I had created ALL of my life

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Goal Setting 2019: and why I no longer set goals or New Year’s Resolutions

In this video I share on goal setting for 2019 and beyond and why I no longer set goals in 2019. I also share what I do instead that helps me create the reality that I prefer and manifest my desired outcomes. Many

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How To Follow & Cultivate Your Intuition

Do you find that you struggle with making decisions or that your life feels like it’s on autopilot? Does your life feel flat, or do you wish you felt more connected to your true self? If so in this

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3 Reasons To Never Compare Yourself To Others

Have you ever found your mind comparing itself to another person? Maybe you felt a twinge of jealousy or a tad bit of self pity because you thought you should be in a different place or life situation

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The Power Of Living From The Heart

Today I share a transmission from my spirit fam/aka Divine Team on the power of the heart and living from your heart. The message nonetheless is super powerful and is meant to help guide those of you who

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