I took a walk out in nature today and found myself being so fully supported, connected, and deeply cognizant of a lot of deep truths of our human existence. I got out for a bit of exercise and fresh air and as soon as I stepped outside it was an instant communion with mother Earth. I then walked by a bush of beautiful yellow and pink flowers noticing a few big beautiful butterflies flying around and landing on the flowers. Their presence reminded me of their journey and how they became so beautiful, which then led me to ponder and understand what we as a human race are going through. And more specifically Mosaic Souls.

The butterfly as you know doesn’t start out as a butterfly, but as a caterpillar that goes through a breakdown of its very form within a chrysalis and experiences a transformation into what we see as this beautiful multicolored insect. We too are experiencing this transformation. We are literally shifting into a new age and stage of consciousness on the planet. Our DNA may change, our level of awareness may change, our desire to be more fully divinely self-expressed may expand, authenticity is becoming expected and the norm, systems that no longer work are being reformed and on and on it goes. The transformation that I’m experiencing has been a gradual shift and series of spiritual awakenings which I recognize as never-ending because the nature of the cosmos expanding. As above so below.

So this major shift of perception, what can be tolerated within our very own existence, and on the planet is what will be bringing a New Earth so to speak. This New Earth is one where we are turned on, tapped in, fully aligned mind, body, and soul, and connected to the divine within us and the divinity of our beautiful planet. It’s not some utopia, but generally the same planet and way that we lived but with a greater awareness. New technologies and transformations are on the horizon for our education system, government, health care system and so much more. And it all begins with you. With the Mosaic Souls who are stepping into their divinity and shaking things up on the planet. Knowledge that is applied and acted upon is wisdom, and so we are shifting out of the just the information age but shifting into the information applied age – the age of intuitive living.

We are literally being challenged on a daily basis to recognize whether we are or are not taking 100% responsibility for our lives, or whether we are actually acting from an aligned perspective to our divine souls. It is now becoming common and accepted knowledge that we are Divine Souls having a human experience and that everything that we see as a dense piece of matter is actually energy. We are understanding that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are transforming our very lives whether we are conscious participants or not. We are now understanding the power of the collective on the individual and vice versa. We are discovering our own authentic voices and expression. We are either going to choose to transform and make this a permanent shift, or cower back and hold on to the old way of doing things because its comfortable. Transformation can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be completely if we embrace it and step into the truth of who we are boldly and fearlessly. Understanding that we are just as supported as the butterfly that transformed in its chrysalis for however long it took for it to become a beautiful sacred butterfly.

Are you willing to step into your divinity and undergo the transformation that our planet and the stars are beckoning us to do now. Or will you stay in the old consciousness and continue to hide, be unfulfilled, do what you’ve always done, and get what you’ve always gotten?

Awakened living is about living from the heart space – from the space that allows the divine to shine through you at every moment. And in doing so peace, love, joy, clarity, and right action is a result. We shift from a fear and lack-based state of consciousness to an abundance base state of consciousness. Your heart’s desires and deepest longings are calling to you. Will you listen?

Share your thoughts below.

Love & Light,


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