There is an authentic way of living that embraces the present moment. Better said, you become one with the present moment, and in doing so there is a deeper and far more wiser intelligence that moves through you. Often times in our daily lives we don’t realize that majority of our actions is out of fear. Our critter brains that were designed to keep us out of danger, has morphed into a beast of a trickster that makes us feel that we are in danger on some level constantly. This can arise as boredom, dissatisfaction, despair, confusion, rash action, if then assumptions, and much much more. Our egos are essentially what rule our daily decisions, not this authentic heart space that is essentially one with all that is in this present moment. The heart space is in constant communion with this very present moment. And so when there is a perceived “obstacle” it soon dissipates into clarity and a solution. Only within the confines of our minds do we get stuck into “what should I do now” or “how can I fix this”. Within the deeper intelligence of the heart space there is no right or wrong, only the vast spaciousness of reality. And so out of confusion comes clarity. When you merge with what is, your actions come from an inspired place, and what is the root of the word “inspire” – it means to breathe.

So when you merge with the breath of what is, the constant ebb and flow of the present moment, problems no longer exist. That doesn’t mean to say that obstacle don’t arise, but problems that the ego creates because it argues with what is ceases in the heart space. The heart space is synonymous with the breath of what is. It is our natural felt state of oneness with the totality. Not oneness in the sense that you merge completely with everything and cannot differentiate between yourself and a flower, although those are experiences that can happen. But oneness in the sense that you are at peace with what is, and the sense of separation that causes so much anxiety and discomfort to us begins to fade.

I speak from personal experience because there are countless mornings I would arise in utter and complete fear. A bill was due and I didn’t have the money to pay it, so my mind immediately perceived it as a threat to my very existence. The type of fear where it feels that I will die if I don’t come up with the money. So naturally having a very intellectual and resourceful mind, it would start conceiving and plotting the many different ways that I could make the money. Totally out of a state of fear, I’d totally bought into the “if I do this, then this will happen”. But the vast intelligence of the heart space that I’ve learned to drop into has taught me otherwise. It’s taught me that the power of synchronicity isn’t directly linked to the “if, then” assumptions of my mind. There are countless times where abundance and money has flowed into my life without me even lifting a finger, or other times where I was inspired to do something out of joy rather than fear, and that seemingly lead to more abundance. But because I know that my mind is only a small piece of the totality, I’ve learned to quiet my critter brain and drop into the space of oneness. To actually merge with this present moment. I’ve used tricks for my mind like “what would I do if I were already past this situation” or “who would I be if this situation didn’t exist” just to get me back in the states of flow and joy so that the intelligence and power of the heart space could take over. And hopefully that lead to inspired action.

What has also been revealed along this spiritual path is that when we drop into the vastness of the present moment and really be in our bodies, there can be a lot of discomfort that arises. I’ve learned that this discomfort is old egoic patterns and old emotional wounds that stay trapped in our physical and emotional bodies. In order to be authentic and to live from the heart space, we must go through these wounds and heal them. Healing can really simply just be to sit with the discomfort and acknowledge it. It can simply be to allow yourself to feel the pain of what “so and so” did to you 10 years ago. It can be to be with the memory that is present in your body at this moment of what someone did to you when you were just a little girl or boy.

In going deeply into the pain that we carry around with us, we can transmute it into love and deep peace. And once they are transmuted the intelligence of your individual soul can shape your life according the the wisdom of the divine. Confusion, boredom, discomfort, despair, and rash action can be let go and you can start to live more authentically. How many times have you woke up dreading your life, or wishing that a situation can be different? Learn to drop into the heart space by simply sitting and being with what is without judgement, without condemnation, without wanting it to be different. Now of course the heart space is way more intelligent that just a stagnant “sit and do nothing”, you can move and do things out of this space. But the way that you do things and take action is much more authentic, real, and true. It isn’t out of a “what can I get out of this” energy, or a “how will I survive” energy either.

Here are 5 steps to help you to drop into your heart space:

  1. Stop what you are doing and just notice what you are wanting. Notice how this wanting is pulling on you, how it may create tension in your mind, tension in your body, or tension in your heart.
  2. Now pay attention to what is going on around you. Notice the sounds, the sights, the smells, the sensations. Really engage all your senses and take in your surroundings.
  3. Let go of what you are wanting just for a moment, and notice how what you may be wanting is out of alignment with what is this moment right now.
  4. Ask yourself, “what is lacking in this moment”. Notice what arises. Notice any thoughts that try to confirm or justify what isn’t going right in your life at this moment, and continue to drop into this present moment. Continue to let go of the “should’s and should’nt’s” of your mind. Just breathe.
  5. Now embrace and stay open to what is this moment. Recognize that the heart space is deeply connected with your true desires, with your truest will. Recognize that the heart space and intelligence of this present moment is where you can spring from, where you can rest in, where you can trust that everything is always irrevocably ok. That there are no “problems” if you will. That there are only situations to be dealt with or left alone. And from this space you can move in a more authentic and intelligent way. One that is connected with the whole of all that is.

I hope this has been helpful, and that you can connect deeply with your own heart space to recognize that peace, love, and joy are natural states of being that arise when you abide in the heart space.

Love & Light,


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