Have you ever sat in meditation, or went throughout your day in a state of “No-Mind”? Where there were absolutely no thoughts occurring? Or maybe like most you’ve sat in meditation, and your mind goes ballistic with “should” “shouldn’t” and many other ways of avoiding the present moment and resisting the Now.

In my own experience here are some of the many ways that the mind resists the present moment:

  • Flooding of memories, reminiscing, detesting, resisting, figuring out
  • Problem solving: whatever the mind deems important it starts to chew on the problem and tries to fix it
  • Resisting thoughts: make no mistake that resisting the thoughts in the mind is just the mind coming in again
  • Focusing on something in your surroundings and trying to analyze it
  • Labeling, judging, commentating, etc on situations, places, peoples, things, and events not currently in your present moment
  • Avoiding a pain or ache in the body, or resisting it by trying to fix it
  • Getting Bored, getting sleepy



    There are many other countless ways, these are just the prominent ones in my own experience. The truth lies outside the mind and its many tactics and strategies for avoiding/resisting the present moment. When meditating we start to train not only our minds, but also our bodies in surrender to the heart and the deepest desire of the heart. Which is ultimately to be in alignment and experience every waking moment fully as it is. This intelligence that we ultimately are has been obscured by the mind, and is nonetheless completely unsupported in our modern culture. Everything in the modern culture is to stir, stimulate, evoke, and rally up the mind. Most, if not all, things in our current society don’t point to the deeper truth that we are, and instead inebriates and intoxicates the mind in order to placate and sustain it. And ultimately its only mind doing it to mind. It is what it is, but to invite more presence and heart-centered aliveness into the everyday, every moment human experience feels so weird at first because its like we’ve stepped out of the Matrix, out of the chaos of mind, and into the flow of the heart – into the flow of what is. The duality that we experience when embraced is seen all as divinity, for there is no resistance to the light or the dark. When fully realized you rest in that neutral space – if you will – of simple alive presence, and the mind can do what it wants within you because you are no longer pulled by its strings. You can take joy and pleasure in its many tactics, and eventually it will recede as it realizes that it cannot win and is in service to source – not the other way around.