Do you know how important it is to allow yourself to want what you want and to really have fun in your life?

This is the main ingredient and key to unlocking getting what you want! I think a lot of times, we look outside ourselves and we look at people who are just “living the life”. And we are seeing those people live their dream lives, and we are like “what are they doing that I’m not doing?”. It comes down to that faith moment, the moment when you decide that you are no longer going to indulge the things in your life that are no longer working. The moment when you are just like “I’m tired of deluding myself. I’m tired of accepting things in my life that no longer work for me, or serve me!” Whether that is a job, relationships, being around people that don’t empower you or make you feel wonderful. Whatever those things are that we have previously accepted, we now have to allow ourselves to truly want what we want, without the guilt, shame, or fear that following your heart and your true bliss may bring up for you. I feel that we’ve been subconsciously beaten down so much into thinking and feeling that our preferences don’t matter, and frankly that’s total bullshit. Its stunting our growth, and its making us live lives that we aren’t authentically and consciously creating.

If you really get to the heart of it, ask yourself: What do I love doing, what makes me excited, what makes me come alive? I mean if you love just sitting under a tree and meditating for hours on end, then you should do that! If you love working with children even though it doesn’t pay well and your family thinks you can “do better” then ignore your family and work with children. Life is not all about the money is about the passion that you feel on a day to day basis. And many times money is definitely a conduit to allow for certain experiences, but not for all of them. Do what you love to do because you love to do it not because you think you should have more money. Now if there are certain experiences that require you to have more money then do what you love in an expanded version to attract and receive more money to do those other passions that ignite you. The goal is to listen to your heart, listen to your desires, and to honor your preferences because they are their for a reason. I think that we’ve been numbed so much about getting and having what we want because when we feel bad about something we are told to get over it, and keep doing or receiving it. Many times we work jobs or actions that we don’t want to do just because we think its the right thing to do, and that is total bs!

So follow your heart, your calling, your bliss, or whatever term helps you to live consciously with your desires. And if something is no longer working in your life its time to re-evaluate it. Watch the Endigo Rae TV episode for more discussion on the topic below!

Your Turn! What spiritual knowledge or principles have you used to get what you want? Was it as simple as having more fun? Comment below!