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Are you tired of not getting what you want in life? Are you tired of coming up against block, after block, after obstacle? Then its time to re-evaluate your belief systems.

Many times when we aren’t getting our desires its because we aren’t in vibrational alignment with what it is we truly want, and usually the main thing between what we want and where we are now is our thoughts & most importantly BELIEFS. Beliefs are so important and heavy because they are usually the vibrational frequencies that we are giving out into the universe. So if you are trying to manifest a new client or get into that competitive program, and your underlying thought is FEAR BASED like: I AM NOT ENOUGH, then it will be vibrationally impossible for you to resonate that and hope and wish for your desired outcome. Beliefs are the vibrational frequencies that really hold and show up in our everyday experiences. Now take the example of two children growing up in the same household with the same loving parents except that the parents weren’t ever there for the important events like birthdays, holidays, and soccer games because they were traveling. And lets say 25 years later those two kids turn out to be two completely different human beings. Why does that happen? Well there are various factors at play here: souls, daily decisions, life decisions, and the biggest one: BELIEFS. If one child grew up to be a CEO and the other a drug addict then there are a lot of different beliefs working here. One kid might say that their parents absence made them want to work harder, while the other says that it made them not only feel abandoned but give up on life, you can see how perceptions and beliefs really shape our lives. Now I’m not saying that having a lower paying job or any decision in your life that you’ve made isn’t valid because I believe we all have the power of free-will, but if those decisions and choices aren’t bringing you happiness, fulfillment, and/or joy then its time to alter your beliefs.

Now what are some EMpowering Beliefs? Empowering beliefs allow you to take full responsibility for everything that has shown up in your life. And yup, I mean EVERYTHING! From that car accident, to your dream job, to your dream spouse, to that cup of coffee. Everything that shows up in your life is because of you. Now I know that most people will not accept it and not even want to hear it, but just hear me out. If you took 100% responsibility for everything in your life, you would see how much power that gives you. As Jesus Christ said, “You are Gods” I definitely feel that he was speaking from an energetic and spiritual standpoint as well. We literally create our own worlds. Every human being has their own “world” so to speak, and their experiences is one of countless worlds. So when you take 100% responsibility, you become the master painter, the composer of your own symphony, the artist and the painting, and the singer and the song. You become it all, as I believe (definitely because this belief works for me) that we are all creators, and we can and do create our every day experiences consciously or unconsciously. I choose to be a conscious creator. What about you?

As you go throughout your week, start to notice the repeating thoughts that occur within you. Especially those that do not bring your closer to your desires. Those thoughts have become underlying beliefs that prevent you from your divinity. Thoughts of “this is so hard”, “I can’t”, “how will it happen”, “He won’t let it happen”, “she won’t like me”, “They’ll never respect me”. All negative and self-limiting thoughts that don’t empower you need to be readjusted and altered to thoughts that support and empower you!

Its really that simple, but definitely a process because we’ve been so programmed to accept limitations as a normal part of life. But I’m here to set your mind free and help you awaken to the divine abundant soul that you are! Step into your greatness and claim your rightful place of abundance and creative freedom!

YOU’RE TURN: What thoughts/beliefs have or haven’t been helping you to reach your desires?