Do you ever get constipated or wonder how many times a day you should actually be using the restroom? Well I definitely have.

Living with a mother who is a physician’s assistant, and who’s always been into prevention versus curing; I’ve known this fact for a little while now. And I’ve only recently over the last few years experienced the truth of what she told me. Fact: You need to at least have one bowel movement a day. Preferably, according to my mother, three. And the way that you do that is to consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds from the earth and preferably organic. Vegetables should be a staple of your diet due to their high nutritional value in essential vitamins and minerals. Aim to consume dark leafy greens on a daily basis, and especially to help with getting your daily need of nutrients and to ward off the constipation!

There are some people who will go 2 – 4 days without having one single bowel movement. There is definitely something wrong with that. If you are not releasing the food that you consume on a daily basis, then you have  higher toxic buildup. Think of a baby. The baby consumes the milk of its mother, and it poops a lot more than the average adult. But if you think about the nutrients that the baby is getting then it makes complete sense that the baby should use the restroom or go poop a lot. Because the baby is consuming a high intake of nutrients that it needs, it allows the baby’s body to not only absorb the necessary nutrients, but also to excrete the remainder not needed. Now consider you an adult female or male. Do you go “Pooh” every day? If no that probably means that you are not getting the nutrients that you need on a daily basis. The body loves to consume and operate on a high energy diet consisting of foods that vibrate at a high-energy level, and are the most natural organic foods from the earth. So to really allow your body to consume the nutrients that it needs in order to go “Pooh” every day, you really need to consume a lot of nutrients. So the “shit” that you are not releasing or should be releasing is really really important, and it’s time for you to reevaluate your diet.

Toxicity builds not only in our bodies, but in the air and everything that we are around and consume. So to give your body the highest nutrients and high vibrational foods it needs, if you aren’t already consuming vegetables and fruits as 50% or more of your diet, then you should definitely consider altering your diet. Try increasing your consumption of plant based foods and reducing your intake of processed foods, and you will be doing your body a great service and giving it the fuel that it needs to operate as the highly intelligent organism that it is. The best way to consume more fruits and veggies – if you aren’t already doing so – is to not think about eliminating the processed foods and all other foods that don’t fall into those categories, but instead think of abundance and think of adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Success never comes from concentrating on lack. Concentrate on abundance of whole plant based foods rather than getting rid of the other things. It’s been proven that we operate at a better level when focusing on the positive rather than having negative motivations. So thinking of eliminating something or depriving yourself of something that you’ve enjoyed previously using or consuming doesn’t work. Think of and try adding more foods that you can enjoy at home or on the road more that are more homemade and natural, and your intestines and body will appreciate that you did.

So Your Turn! Have you ever had problems with going “pooh” on a daily basis? How have you remedied it?