Connected Poem by Endigo Rae

I cry salty tears of joy and sadness

As I sit on a mountaintop gazing at the beauty of the soon to be setting sun. Ahh…

The sun and wind never felt so good as they glare and blow across my skin.

This is what I’ve been missing!

The stillness in me is enlivened  and awakened with the stillness of the earth.

The birds and the bugs chirp and screech sounds of pure love to my ears.

Is this what if feels like to be whole???

Then let me forever bathe in the sunlight and the mountain glory!


My mind is quiet as my body soaks up familiar sound of a past life where being whole and one with the mother earth was never in question. Ahh… how my feet love the texture of the rocks and stones underneath them. Coming back to me, and further still coming back to the essence inside of me. Breathing and peace never felt so effortless.


My tears of sadness shadow the emptiness and incompleteness I feel from time to time.

They tell a story of longing to be whole and of being joy and love itself – where there is no room for emptiness, sadness, and neediness; only joy and peace.


My tears of joy tell a story of how alas I am once again reunited with myself and how I never want to fell disconnected again! CONNECTED! Ah yes!

That is what I feel and am in this moment! Forever whole and united with my true essence and of love, peace, and ever-knowing presence that is me and so much more!