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How To Follow & Cultivate Your Intuition

Do you find that you struggle with making decisions or that your life feels like it’s on autopilot? Does your life feel flat, or do you wish you felt more connected to your true self? If so in this

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5 Signs That Your In A Relationship With A Narcissist

In this video I share 5 simple signs that you’re dating or are in a relationship with a Narcissist. If you’re dealing with a person that leaves you feeling drained, leaves you wondering if

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The Power Of Living From The Heart

Today I share a transmission from my spirit fam/aka Divine Team on the power of the heart and living from your heart. The message nonetheless is super powerful and is meant to help guide those of you who

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How To Overcome Self Criticism » in 5 simple steps + printable mini guide

Being judgmental of yourself and highly self critical is something that many of us are unconsciously taught. We struggle with lots of self worth issues and beating up on ourselves for the decisions or

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How To Figure Out Your Life

Hey Mosaic Souls! There is so much love for you at all times, and you are never alone. In this video I share on how to “figure” out your life by simply letting go of the idea that you have

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How To Fall In Love With Yourself And Be Confident

Hey Mosaic Souls, I share on how to fall in love with yourself and be confident! Life is truly a gift, and you are truly love. When you open up to the possibilities that maybe, just maybe you are indeed

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