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How To Overcome Self Criticism » in 5 simple steps + printable mini guide

Being judgmental of yourself and highly self critical is something that many of us are unconsciously taught. We struggle with lots of self worth issues and beating up on ourselves for the decisions or past actions that we’ve taken. Feeling a sense of remorse or low self-esteem. I used to struggle with this alot! I’d […]

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How To Figure Out Your Life

Hey Mosaic Souls! There is so much love for you at all times, and you are never alone. In this video I share on how to “figure” out your life by simply letting go of the idea that you have to have it all figured out. Really the best way to “figure” out your life […]

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How To Fall In Love With Yourself And Be Confident

Hey Mosaic Souls, I share on how to fall in love with yourself and be confident! Life is truly a gift, and you are truly love. When you open up to the possibilities that maybe, just maybe you are indeed truly powerful you then start to fall in love with all that you are. Including […]

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How To Let Go Of The I Am No Enough Dilemma

Do you ever struggle with having confidence in moving towards your desires? Do you worry about HOW what you desire will come about? Are you struggling with self doubt and fear about your life direction? If so then today’s audio will help you step more fully into your divinity such that you can begin to […]

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3 Steps To Manifest Your Desires

Many times we forget this simple truth “you are the creator of your own reality”. And when we look further at what that really means then we can see that fear, lack, and scarcity is only allowed just as abundance, love, and grace. These are apart of the dualistic nature of the 3rd dimension on […]

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How To Pursue Your Dreams Part 1

Hey Mosaic Souls! In today’s video I share on How To Pursue Your Dreams in simple steps to help you take back control over your life and creativity. It’s your turn! List 1-2 ways you’ve been able to pursue your dreams? Comment below!

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