Many times we forget this simple truth “you are the creator of your own reality”. And when we look further at what that really means then we can see that fear, lack, and scarcity is only allowed just as abundance, love, and grace. These are apart of the dualistic nature of the 3rd dimension on Earth. But we have CHOICE, by what we choose to focus on, what we expect, and how we choose to feel moment to moment.

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Is to Drop The Need To Know The “How”, When It’s Time You’ll Know What To Do. Many times we think we have to take action (because of our conditioned action driven society) in order to create what we desire, but in my experience action is the very last step, if it’s needed at all in a logical way. The universe is simply reflecting back to you what you are vibrationally putting out through your predominant thoughts, feelings/emotions, focus, and expectations. So when we REALLY begin to understand this, we recognize that in co-creation with our souls that our desires will manifest as long as we stay in vibrational alignment with them and continue to follow our highest excitement in each moment.


Stop Fighting For Your Limitations, Instead “Fight” For Your Abundance & Well-being. We often times will fight for our lack and what we don’t desire because we don’t truly understand or believe that we actually ARE the creators of our reality. But when we truly begin to know that this is who we really are, Infinite Intelligence / God Manifested In Human Form, then we can begin to flow our energy in the way of abundance, love, and limitlessness instead.


Get Quiet & Still Enough To Hear Guidance & Cultivate Awareness Around How You Feel Moment To Moment. In doing this you begin to become aware of the energy that you are constantly pulsing out and you don’t allow negative thoughts or old emotions to become your predominant way of being in the world.

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