How The Universe Works

So that you can greater align with the 

divine laws & principles and
Create Your Amazing Life & Business

with greater ease, effortlessness, and fun!

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“My soul and divine team definitely helped me throughout this training and I hope that the clarity I received and share with you helps you to further create your amazing life and business!”

Rachael Alexander

Rachael Alexander / Artist & Spiritual Teacher

Why Learn How The Universe Works?

So You Can Begin To Consciously Create

Your own reality and life experiences from an awakened and aware perspective. You'll learn to let go of the victim mentality and consciously take back "control" over your life by utilizing the tools and strategies that you have at your disposal right now!

So You Can Bust Through

Repetitive negative thoughts and emotions in order to experience more of what you desire. You'll learn how life can become easier by shifting your perception about your emotions and how they can guide you to more of what you want to create in your life.

So You Can Finally Know Who

You truly are and why this key ingredient will allow you to release a lot of negative or unwanted beliefs about life that prevent you from living your highest calling.

What Others Are Saying

What You Will Learn & Receive

What You Will Learn

  • The One-Step Manifestation process that brings so much clarity and eliminates the most common misperceptions about the law of attraction
  • The role that ACTION plays in our daily lives (it's definitely not what you think!)
  • How you create your reality and how to manifest your desires with greater and greater ease
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    How to bust through repetitive negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to experience more of what you desire on a daily basis
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    And much more!


Video Training

That walks you step by step on How the Universe Actually Works and address the question of "How To Use The Law of Attraction".


Audio Training

That helps you free yourself from the scarcity, lack, and fear based way of living and helps you step into your power and divinity as a divine creator of your own experience.


Common Questions Addressed

  • What steps do I need to take in order to manifest what I want?
  • How do I let go of repetitive negative thoughts or emotions?
  • I’m taking action, but I’m not getting what I desire… what am I doing wrong?
  • I’m following my inspiration, but I’m not manifesting what I desire. Help!



The ability to ask additional questions should they arise and the ability to schedule a free breakthrough session for greater clarity on your personal desired outcomes.

 Rachael Alexander​​​​​ 

 Spiritual Teacher & Host 

Rachael Alexander is an International Performing Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor (Spiritual Teacher with Flair). She helps Mosaic Souls (multipassionate creative spiritual people) to realize their full potential in every area of their lives; from holistic health to spirituality and business. A trained health and transformational coach, serial entrepreneur, singer-composer, musician, artist, and professional photographer & brand specialist, Rachael invites Mosaic Souls to uncover their divine essence and purpose by recognizing that they are already whole and divinely created. She advocates that abundance and love are our natural states of being and we only need to go within to realize and actualize these truths. She is the creator of & Divine Earth School. She looks forward to helping you realize your true essence and purpose in life & business.

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