The Alignment Experience Day 67-77 (So I decided to post this one on the blog Mosaic Souls because I share some radically life changing shifts in today’s Alignment Experience episode! Check it out:

3 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Heart (These were divinely downloaded just for you & me to hear):

  1. The urges of your heart are your guidance and pathway to your ultimate fulfillment, wealth, and abundance.

  2. Your passions and what light you up are signals to that which infinite intelligence is guiding you towards following and engaging with.

  3. When it’s time to let go (of what you are engaged with) you will know by feeling the lack of resonance with that which you’ve engaged with.

5 Abundance Blocks Causes:
1. Not Listening to Your Heart
2. Not Following Your Passions
3. Not Pursuing Your Artistry or Ability To Create
4. Not Taking Inspired Action
5. Not Being Consistent With Following Your Heart