As a Mosaic Soul when coming into an awakening and embodying more of your true essence and nature there are 3 aspects of your soul that you experience as a human being and they encompass the Mind, Body, Soul, & Heart. The heart is within the body, but also carries its own intelligence as the mind does. And so embodying your true essence as a Mosaic Soul is about embracing all the aspects of yourself in the present moment of your life. The 3 Essences are just a unique way to understand these essential aspects of your true nature/essence.

The 1st Essence is your Grounded Essence

Grounded Essence4This essence is everything that you see in your physical reality. It is the energy of the form/physical existence. It is the part of you that makes things happen, that takes action, that gets things done, its that masculine energy. This essence is the doing part of you.

~ Get Things Done
~ Doing
~ Masculine Energy
~ 3rd Dimension
~ Human Experience




The 2nd Essence is your Whimsical Essence

Whimsical Essence4This Essence is connected to your feminine energy. Its the energy that is creative, free thinking, open minded, present, sensual, voluptuous. This Essence allows for creativity and playfulness to thrive. This is your creative, playful, sensual, and being essence.

~ Creativity
~ Sensuality
~ Playfulness
~ Being
~ Feminine Energy




The 3rd Essence is your Ethereal Essence

Ethereal Essence2This Essence is connected to your soul/higher self. It is the Essence that is the source of inspiration and enthusiasm. Where you receive your dreams, visions, intuitive nudges. Its the Essence that keeps you tethered to your purpose in life. Its the things that allows you to stay focused and in alignment with your other two Essences.

~ Soul
~ Intuition
~ Inspiration
~ Dreams/Visions
~ Psychic Expressions

Now all these essences are what basically make you up in your human beingness, but do not limit you. Ultimately we are limitless, very expansive, and without labels and are oneness, but in order to understand how you can fully embody and embrace your true essence after awakening of your Mosaic Soul these are helpful pointers to that which is essential to how you are expressed in human form. What ties these altogether essentially is being present, and out of that flow are these different aspects of your essence. Below I share a bit more about the 3 Essences of Your Mosaic Soul as well as a helpful Soul Sheet for you to download and use to uncover more of your true essence.

Click Here To Download Your Free Soul Sheet On the 3 Essences of A Mosaic Soul

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How can you embody more of your true essence in your every day life?