Recently I turned one year older and it was an exciting process, but I realized that I had some unresolved feelings and fears that were preventing me from fully enjoying my present moment and also taking action in the present to better my future. I began talking with a dear friend and we discovered that we both had let our past (whether good or bad) prevent us from really fully allowing our blessings to manifest in the present moment. For me it manifested in the way of having a great childhood and being more fearless as a child than I felt I was now, and not having so many hangups that I seem to face now. I was subconsciously making myself feel guilty and that made me feel afraid to make action steps towards my future and my true hearts desire. I felt that if I became completely transparent with myself that I wouldn’t like what I saw about myself, and actually the opposite happened. I started to journal again – a childhood and teenage activity I had done on a regular but had let fall by the wayside over the past 3 years. I began pouring out all the feelings and emotions that I was feeling and the thoughts that were plaguing me about where I was currently in my journey on this earth. As I continued writing (typing) I began to feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders and I began to have such deep compassion and gratitude for myself and the place that I am at in my journey. I began writing down all the things that I was grateful for in my life up until this point, and as I did the chains of “should’ves” and “could’ves” broke free. I realized that I’m exactly where I need to be because here I am! How can I be somewhere I’m not? And better yet, how can I make myself feel ashamed or guilty for where I’m not? It was ridiculous and this process allowed me to see the beauty of my own canvas.

On this episode I decided to share the two tips that I discovered (in all their simplicity) that helped me – and I’m certain will help you – to let go of my past, guilt, shame, and anxiety about my future so that I and you can live more fully in the present!

Watch below!

I’m going to start reading and blogging about my journey as a Mosaic Soul ! If you are a fellow blogger or are a fellow Mosaic Soul please comment below and I’d love to connect with you!

So its your turn! How have you not allowed feelings over your past affect your present? Comment below!

– Love & Light Rachael