Today I’m coming to you with my fellow artist with a message of how you can make money with your art!

I’ve found that in my life this subject always seemed to baffle me. I became perplexed by the whole idea of making a living from my music and creativity. Being a renaissance soul that I am, I went to school for music business to learn all I could about the industry and to better prepare myself in the world of business. But I have to be honest, my first true lessons didn’t really come until after school, when I had to get out there and make it for myself. Nothing beats real world experience!

So I wanted to compile some steps I am currently taking as well as steps that I see other successful friends and artists taking to actually make money with their art form. Now this applies to you whether you are a visual artist, or a performing artist of some sort.

Watch today’s episode of  Zen Habits To Stardom to find out!

I’m definitely still applying these steps and principles to my life, and continue to move forward with the will to inspire many people through my music and creativity. I’m a work in progress too!

Now its your turn! What are 3 ways that you are making money with your art?