In this video I share on goal setting for 2019 and beyond and why I no longer set goals in 2019. I also share what I do instead that helps me create the reality that I prefer and manifest my desired outcomes.

Many times in our society we are taught that setting goals is the ONLY way to create the life you want, but I speak from a spiritually awakened perspective and share why setting goals for most of us on this spiritual path will jack up our vibes and create stagnation instead of forward momentum. Now as I always say flow with what feels good and let go of what doesn’t because if goal setting is working for you no need to stop on my account. I’m just sharing what’s working for me and my thoughts and insights on what may work for you if goal setting is making you feel icky.

So in the comments below let me know if you set goals or not? And if you don’t what you do instead in order to create the reality you desire!