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Why I Live In A Bubble

Hey Mosaic Souls,

In today’s video I share some insights on why I choose to live in a bubble, and protect my own created reality! Often times we get sucked into negativity because we feel that’s our contribution to society, or as light beings its our duties to save others. I have a very different opinion on this matter, and feel and know that we are ALL DIVINE. Including you. Check out my rant below!

It’s Your Turn! How have you managed to keep positive vibes amongst the drama that’s going on in the world? Let me know in the comments below!

About the Author Rachael

Hello my name is Rachael, founder of Endigo Rae TV & Divine Earth School, and we help multipassionate spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives (aka Mosaic Souls) create divine lives and businesses from the inside out. This entails creating bodies, lives, and businesses they adore.

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