Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Your #1 Tool For Creation Begins With Your Thoughts & Imagination

Today I talk about how your thoughts create your reality, and share a bit of my personal encounter with this experience.

Creation begins in the mind and with your beliefs. Beliefs are simply thoughts and series of patterns that you’ve reiterated whether consciously or unconsciously that becomes a loop that you see as truth; that then manifest as your reality. What is becoming more and more apparent to me is that reality is malleable and bends to your thoughts and beliefs. For example, if you look at the world as evil, hatred, unsafe, and the like reality will show you that over and over again. But if you look at the world as peaceful, loving, supportive, and safe life and reality will show you that over and over again as well. Shift what you believe in and drop into your present moment. Choose to believe that you are supported, that the divine is alway watching over you and aware of your desires. Believe that it is safe for you to be yourself exactly yourself. Always follow your heart and your life will prove to be magical and effortless.