What if “what is” is all you see?

And that is the power of presence, and present moment awareness, and of loving what is. What if “what is” is something you intrinsically do not want, but instead of seeing it as something you don’t, which is something that you recognize, you just turn it around and focus on what you do want. You say to yourself instead that I will focus on what I do want, and how I want to feel rather than their opposites. And by doing that your world starts to literally shift. Instead of thinking “Gosh I’m so fat” and wanting to be slim, you then focus on your desired result rather than the lack of it in this present moment. You can then exercise the power of gratitude in your life about the things in your life that you are grateful for and happy about, instead of focusing on the lack of that which you don’t have.

The power of positive thinking will change the rest of your life if you engage in it. I know what you are thinking: “how can I monitor my thoughts?” or “how can I possibly think more positively when I am clearly not getting what I want?”. And I want to say to you that you are a divine and master creator of your own experience and reality that you experience on a daily basis. When you can accept that you have manifested the lack as well as the abundance into your life that you have at this present moment you can then pick up the paint brush or start to compose your composition of the things, situations, relationships, health, wealth, and abundance that you do want. If you constantly feel bad, then know that behind “feeling bad” are negative thoughts and emotions. You gauge whether you are engaging in the power of positive thinking by the way you feel on a day to day, moment to moment basis. Feeling bad or feeling good are indicators to you that you are either on the path to creating the life you want or creating the life you don’t want. What does this all have to do with health? I look at health in a holistic perspective, not just the foods that you put in your body, although they make a huge impact as well. But your state of mind and state of feelings really guide you to making decisions to feel good daily or they don’t. They guide you into being more healthy and happy or they don’t. If you are not thriving in all areas of your life I invite you to examine this POWER that both you and every human on this planet have access to. The power of positive thinking and optimism allows you to view where you are and where you want to be, and take the necessary shifts inward to feeling good to move you closer to where you want to be. Sure you can take all the action in the world, but if that action is not inspired or joyous its results will not lead you to the results that you truly desire.

You cannot focus on lack and expect to receive abundance. That just doesn’t happen because of the laws of the universe. Like attracts Like. You are a MAGNET! You must tune your vibrational frequency, thoughts, and emotions to higher and more positive levels to receive more abundance in all areas of your life.

Check out this audio that I did impromptu as I was driving so forgive the background noise, but the message is potent and one I think you will definitely appreciate.

Your Turn! How have you used the power of positive thinking in your own life recently and manifested something of your own desires?