Have you ever battled with saying the word “no”? I know I definitely have, and its not easy. You start feeling sick to your stomach, or this pain in your chest because you don’t really want to be rude, or seem insensitive, or burn bridges because you think the other person will hate you for it. Its not and easy task to say “no” to someone or something you care about. Whether it be a cause that you’ve always donated to, a person that you’ve always helped, and organization that you’ve always supported, or whatever else that you’ve said “yes” to before in the past.

You see life is so much more fluid, and things are constantly in a state of flux and change. Scientifically speaking nothing is really “solid”, even the things that we perceive as solid is constantly moving energy. So why do we think that our lives won’t be this way? Whether its the diet or types of food that we eat, the friends that come and go, the jobs that come and go, the children we raise then go, nothing stays the same. That also includes how you feel and the evolution of your mosaic soul. You will constantly be growing, and as I always say if you aren’t growing then you are dying. And growth is a great thing! Its not an easy thing, but it is a great thing!

We spend our time ignoring our intuition or our “souls” message to us and try to rationalize why we feel a yes in our hearts when we say a “no” to others. Its perfectly fine to put your needs before those when it matters most. That means saying “no” to going out with the girls, when you really want to just recuperate and have a nite in with a good book. That means say “no” to your boss when he asks you to work overtime. That means saying “no” to taking an opportunity that 3 months ago you really wanted, but now it just doesn’t feel right in your stomach to take it. Learning to say “no” with presence is the most empowering and liberating feeling that you can ever cultivate for yourself. It’s not the end of the world trust me. You will live and whomever you said “no” to will to. By saying “no” you are saying “yes” to you and there is power in that, and it’s totally ok!

Your turn! What have you been having trouble saying no to?