Hey Mosaic Souls!

Have you ever found your mind comparing itself to another person? Maybe you felt a twinge of jealousy or a tad bit of self pity because you thought you should be in a different place or life situation then you found yourself in?

If so in today’s episode I share 3 reasons why to never compare yourself to others and it’s not what you think! Check it out below:

Reason #1: You are an individuated expression of the divine.

When you compare yourself to others you are essentially negating your divinity and your unique soul’s expression. Every person on this planet has their own unique soul intentions and explorations that they’ve come to experience on this planet. This means that no two soul blueprints are exactly alike. This diversity is what makes up the beauty of that which we call the experience of GOD. And since you are a fractal of God, you are perfect in your own expression. You came for your own experiences, and comparing yourself to another person’s successes only belittles your divinity. It does a disservice to you and them because you negate, deny, and doubt your own power, strength, and gifts.

Reason #2: You don’t take 100% responsibility for your life’s creations.

We are all 100% the creators of our own reality, whether we like to believe it or not. So when we compare ourselves to others this can lead us to a “victim mentality”, which then we shift into a place of allowing that which we do not want to manifest into our lives by focusing on what we haven’t yet accomplished or experienced. When you compare yourself to another person this “why don’t I have what they have?” mentality puts yourself in the vibration of the perceived problem rather than the desired solution.

Most of us live our lives struggling and striving to find the solutions to our problems without even knowing that when we “struggle and strive” we are essentially in the vibrational frequency of the problem not the solution. The greatest thing to know is the the solution to every problem is inherent because of the Law of Polarity. One cannot exist without the other. Therefore if we desire to have clarity or receive the solution we must be a vibrational match to the answers. That means pondering, focusing on, and feeling what it would be like to have, live in, and embody the solution in this moment – HERE AND NOW.

Reason #3: You cut off your connection to your soul’s calling and intentions.

Because you are an individuated expression of the divine, a fractal of infinite intelligence you have your own unique soul’s blueprint. And this blueprint is comprised of what themes and explorations your soul intended for you to explore in this lifetime as a human.

This means that comparing yourself to another may allow you to shift into longing for and wanting something that wasn’t technically what your soul intended for you to explore or experience which then can lead to a lot of self created suffering, effort-ing and struggling, striving and working hard.

When you compare yourself to others you disconnect from your intuition and inner guidance for what is naturally on the path for you to explore next. You then sink into feelings of guilt, jealousy, depression, and self pity rather than confidence in knowing who you are, joy in discovering and exploring your own journey, and exhilaration from your own creative powers.

So you see these 3 reasons are very powerful reasons NOT TO COMPARE yourself to others! Because YOU ARE DIVINE! And remember… Whatever you believe is what you will conceive, whatever you expect is what you will get, and however you feel is what will be real for you. #SoulNugget

Your turn! Share a reason why you no longer compare yourself to others below!