You Are A Divine Creator, And Life Is Your Canvas.

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You Are Divine.

An Infinite Being Playing The Role Of A Human.

I’m here to help you remember who you are, embody your divinity, and have more fun on this playground called Earth.

As a fractile of infinite source intelligence you are here for a plethora of human experiences and to follow your highest excitement.

As a powerful creator you have internal guidance that is always with you, always available to offer deeper insights into your unique human experience, and there to make the human journey more pleasurable and fulfilling.

But I know that along the journey things can get a little murky and fuzzy, and you can sometimes forget how truly powerful you are. And I’m here to tell you, that it’s all apart of the journey!

And because you’re here, you may want a little reminder of the power that is innate within Endigo Rae is here to help you remember who you are during those times you may forget. 

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Hey there beautiful! My name is Rachael Alexander, and I’m the soul exploring and sharing my experiences of awakening and staying awake on this journey we call life on planet earth.

I love helping souls like you wake up to their true hearts calling and live from a more authentic place and one that allows you to thrive and make this human journey more fun, peaceful, and pleasurable.

I’m aware that because you’re here our souls have decided to play and work together and co-create experiences that allow you to grow, expand, and transform your health and your life. See how we can work together and explore how you can step into divinity and have more fun on the playground of earth.

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