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Welcome Letter from Rachael                                    

Hey Mosaic Soul!

I'm Rachael Alexander, singer-songwriter, spiritual teacher, certified health coach, spiritual life & business coach, certified yoga instructor, brand strategist, and photographer aka Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor. And this health kit is designed to get you started on a plant based lifestyle and create a body and vitality you love.

There was no one defining moment for me to transition to a plant-based lifestyle, however there were a few key events that kept giving me the push. First I'd always been active and very sensitive to my body. High blood pressure, diabetes, and depression are some of the things that run in my family, and I've always been conscious of not wanting to go down any of those paths. It first started with my wonderful mother Lydia Alexander, who is a professional physician's assistant and always promoted prevention in her practice, workshops, and seminars she held all over the southern region of the United States.

Then when I was 10 or 11 years old the doctor's tried to diagnose me with type 2 diabetes from samples taken in my regular check- up and my sometimes feelings of dizziness, massive headaches, and other random ailments. But my mom being my mom contorted that I didn't have diabetes and made sure that I began to eat more consciously and healthily. Growing up we weren't allowed to eat candy, drink carbonated beverages, or much processed foods other than pasta's and breads in the house. We transitioned from whole milk, to skim milk, to soymilk, then to almond milk over the period of 5 years, and because of my mom had always been told of how health was directly related to what foods you put in your body she always made sure we were putting in the right things.

Then when I was about 16 I had been introduced to a documentary showing all the horrible things going on with our food industry which sparked an even greater passion in me for health. When I was 20 one of my best friends had been diagnosed with cancer and later died, but during his last few months I made the transition to vegetarian in one day, and decided meat vs my health was a no-brainer. After that I've been conscious and constantly experimenting on my body to see which foods make me feel great and which caused so much backlash and ailments.

After going through a very dogmatic way of viewing health to going to health coaching school at Integrative Nutrition where I studied over 100 Dietary Theories. I've come to conclude that a diet/lifestyle high in plant-based foods are optimal for me and I've seen that this is true for everyone. Whether it’s the Paleo Diet, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Veganism, Raw Food, or any other diet the key components that tie all of these approaches together is the importance of consuming whole real foods that occur in nature, and that it be minimally processed if possible. Now I'm not contorting that you become any one type of label, but I am inviting you to become more conscious of the foods you put into your body, see what feels good and what doesn't, and lastly be conscious of how you may be supporting a massively growing health care system designed to keep us sick that is largely based on our ignorance of what's going on with our foods supply, what true health is, and the planet at large. After all we are all connected, and even more importantly in order to thrive in your life and feel good on a daily basis food plus a whole lot of love is what is key for that to be your daily reality. <3

Course Structure


Welcome To The Challenge!

In this section I give you a simple welcome as well as a bit more about me and my background and why I created this challenge.


How To Get Started

In this kit I give you a few simple tools and walk you through how to best transition into a plant-based lifestyle. My approach focuses on adding more real foods (foods that are not processed and are made from nature and as a by-product are very nutrient dense) into your lifestyle, letting go of what isn't working for you, creating the lifestyle and health you desire, and finding the joy within to support this transition.


Why Plant-Based Health?

In this section I go into the reason behind plant-based eating and living and how it benefits you as a human. I go over what plant-based eating is, why choose a plant-based lifestyle, and more in this section to help you soar in the challenge. 


But What About My Nutritional Needs?

In this section I break down the common questions and concerns about thriving on a plant-based lifestyle and share with you the nutritional benefits of going plant-based.


How To Make The Transition Smooth

In this section I share 12 simple steps to making the transition easier for you in your life and health journey.


Thrive Meal Formula

I share the Thrive Plate with you and what to consider when making your meals to make sure you get the nutrients you need and feel satisfied and excited about your health journey.


Fridge & Pantry Essentials

I walk you through what to ditch in your fridge and what to include to help you thrive and get the most out of this challenge!


Weight Loss On Plant-Based Lifestyle

In this section I walk you through how to best release weight on a plant-based lifestyle.

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