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You have so much power inside of you waiting to be unleashed and tapped into. However we live in a world with many distractions and beliefs and things pulling at our energy that can sometimes lead us to feel disconnected, anxious, or depressed. By learning to connect & cultivate your intuition you can create health, alignment, and joy in your mind, body, and spirit with my Connect & Thrive Video Training.

My belief is that life is truly a playground for our souls, and therefore we came to have a ton of fun and explore various different themes all for the soul expansion. But if you’re feeling unsatisfied with not creating the life and business you want then a great place to start is gaining clarity on your Mosaic Soul pieces and desires so that you can begin to live from a more joyous and exciting place. Ready to create a clear personal life map that will help you create freedom in your life and business? Then grab my Passions To Purpose Workbook today!

You’re struggling to bring your many Mosaic Pieces, passions, and talents together, and you’re not even sure how to brand your business, and what that process even entails. As a brand strategist I like to think of branding as an alchemical process that allows you to create an emotional signature that you send out into the world on a consistent basis surrounding the work that you do. If you’re ready to brand your biz and learn the 4 elements of a Successful brand then sign up for my Soulful Brand Masterclass today!

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Hi, I’m Rachael Alexander – Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor – aka Brand Strategist, Transformational Life & Business Coach, & Spiritual Teacher. And I help Mosaic Souls create lives and businesses that are in alignment with their purpose in life. As a self-taught designer, professionally trained transformational coach, and brand strategist I approach helping Mosaic Souls very holistically. Whether that’s helping you brand and design your website, or tap into your own intuition better to follow your dreams I approach our work together as a co-creative experience and utilize my training, experience, and own intuition to help guide you back to you. Ultimately resulting in an aligned and fulling life and business.

I believe that life and business are playgrounds for our souls. I believe that we came on the planet to have fun and to live life abundantly and joyously. I believe that all of life and business is an expression of our soul and infinite intelligence, and that our only purpose in life is to be ourselves as best we can. I believe that in order to be ourselves we must align with the desires and callings of our souls.

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Create your divine life and business from the inside out and learn helpful tips, strategies, and insights to help you create your own version of reality in alignment with who you really are and desire to be over on the blog.

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I am So Happy To Share that my experience with Rachael has been a pleasant one not only that but truly radiating! She is very professional and her work ethic is honorable she makes it happen and she does it with efficiency and expediently! I would definitely use her services again. Love her! Thanks Rachael!

Loriel Price

Holistic Health Practitioner, Higher Things

My experience working with Rachael has been very dynamic. She helped me understand how to better identify my audience, use facebook ads and how to do an effective webinar presentation. With her help, on my very first webinar I was able to land my first client! Rachael did a great job by helping me speed up the time it takes to grow a project from dream phase to actually generating online income. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone doing or looking to do business online.

Eliah Wells

Author, Coach, Entrepreneur

I’ve learned so much from Endigo Rae TV, it’s unbelievable. My number 1 life coach.

Rachael’s voice is just so soothing and her presence is beautiful and entertaining. But also there’s just so much to be grasped in her content! …..How to pull yourself all together for your life and your biz.

Also about exercises and spending time in nature… how it can enrich your life, make you a stronger person with a stronger connection to your self. Honestly, after watching a few times, I found so much benefit that I actually signed up to have Rachael Alexander as my business coach and to redesign my website! You would be surprised and thrilled….surprised and thrilled! If you just watch her channel at how much more there is to you, to life, when you just apply some of her beautiful energy to your life. EndigoRaeTV, on YouTube.

Roni Walker

Writer, Intuitive, Coach, Crafter, Metis Caravan

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