You’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning, because staying asleep feels better than starting a day filled with things that you don’t love anymore.

You struggle with lack of energy, trying to use coffee and other artificial stimulants to give you the boost you need.

You look in the mirror at your body, and wish you could be healthier, more fit, and like you dream of. But the struggle to get there has been like an unenjoyable rollercoaster, and you’re ready to get off.

You know you are meant for more, but this endless cycle of lackluster living has been going on for years and you’re ready for a change. But you don’t even know where to begin.

Your passion and zest for life seems to have disappeared over the last few years and you don’t know how to get it back.

When you spend time with loved ones you’d rather have some “me” time, but feel bad for not being there so you sacrifice and force yourself to try and be present.

That negative Nancy in your head just won’t seem to shut up and you can’t remember the last time you genuinely felt good about yourself and your life.

You used to have clarity, focus, and motivation for life, now it feels like inspiration is a far distant memory and you feel depleted, exhausted, and just in need of an intervention.

If any of those sound like you then you’re in the right place my friend!

When your life and passion for living feels like one big struggle then you know you are ready for an amazing life transformation!

Struggling through anxiety, fear, exhaustion, and constant negative mind chatter can keep you stuck for years on end and leave you and your dreams buried alive.

And I know you don’t want that.

If I could sit you down on my couch right now and tell you one thing it would be this:

You are meant for so much more, and that longing that you feel for a better life is a call from your soul. Pain has a way of making us wake up and choose a better way of doing things and I want to tell you that you are not alone, and I’m here to help you!

If you could just take a second and imagine what it would feel like when you:

  • Wake up with joy and excitement to start your day because you are living from integrity and following your heart and joy more and more every single day

  • Have energy to do the things you love including hanging out with your friends, family, and loved ones and can fully be present and enjoy their company without feeling the need to shrink away in a corner

  • Have a self-care practice built into the way you do your life and learn to SAY YES to your DREAMS every single day

  • Feel more FULFILLED than you have in a long time because you’re no longer drowning out your desires for “should’s” and “shouldn’ts”

  • Feel your vital life force energy return back to you and feel confident and sexy in your body because you are finally giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to thrive without stimulants and over-the-counter drugs

  • Have days dedicated to your creative endeavors and projects and feel more excited because you are finally listening and following your creative spirit

  • Are making progress towards your creative dreams because you are no longer trapped by those inner gremlins and voices of self-doubt and fear

Just take a moment and take that all in….

Feel the joy, freedom, love, and vitality in that reality.

If you can feel it, I want you to know that it already exists! We live in a vibrational universe and how you feel on the inside will become your outside experience when you learn to cultivate your connection with your divine soul and when you activate your power through taking simple steps to ignite who you truly are.

You are powerful beyond measure, and I’m here to help you step into that power.

Who am I?

Well I’m Rachael Alexander, Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor and I help multipassionate spiritual creatives and entrepreneurs create divine lives and businesses that allow them to be their most authentic selves so that they can have more energy, feel more alive and connected, and share their divine gifts in the world more brighter than ever.

Simply put, I help you step out of the confusion, exhaustion, anxiety, and fear and stand firmly and boldly in your confidence, clarity, conviction, integrity, power, and love so that you can do what you came to do on the planet with more effortlessness and ease.

As an International Health & Spiritual Life Coach. I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you empower their health, lives, and creativity to create amazing energy, beautiful lives, and unlimited joy in as little as 12 weeks.

My coaching and support works. And they don’t involve starving, eating boring food, spending countless hours in the gym, or having you meditate on a rock (if you don’t want). It’s practical applicable and simple to implement with support and accountability. That’s why I’m excited to share…

In this 12 Week Bootcamp you’ll:

  • Eliminate Stress & Fatigue

  • Eliminate Anxiety & Fear

  • Shed Excess Weight

  • Have More trust in the divine & yourself

  • Create Peace of mind and fun attitudes towards your life

  • Increase your intuition and ability to make decisions

  • Have More time to play, have, fun, and create

  • Increase your self care and overall health

  • Reduction and elimination of stress, fatigue, and depression

  • Eliminate Acne

  • Say Yes To Yourself & Dreams

  • Have More Energy

  • Tap into your Creativity Like Never Before

  • Great Flexibility – Feel Good In Your Body

  • Create Amazing Health

  • Release Brain Fog

  • Have More Fun

  • Move towards your desires without fear

  • Eliminate the negative mind chatter

  • Boost your confidence & clarity

  • Create a sacred self-care practice and peace of mind

  • And much more!

Here’s What You’ll Get In My 12 Week Bootcamp:

  • How to take back control of your body and your life and in the process regain your confidence and passion for life.

  • An easy to follow exercise/yoga plan tailored to your situation, physiology and goals that you can do anywhere.

  • An easy-to-follow meal plan with guidebooks to help you eat RIGHT for your body.

  • Powerful techniques to stay mentally strong and to overcome emotional eating.

  • One-on-one mentoring & support with me tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle.


This program is perfect for you if you:

  • Are an action taker and woman professional who’s tired of not living the life of her dreams

  • Are a professional woman who feels stressed, fatigued, chronic anxiety, having excess weight and body issues, feeling unconnected from her creativity, and lack of overall energy.

  • Are ready to show up coachable, resourceful, follow my step-by-step system, and show up committed

  • Tired of trying to hack it alone only to find yourself months or even years later without any improvement in your energy or momentum towards your dreams and health

  • If you are confused about how to eat right and want to learn HOW to eat right to nourish your body and give you the energy you desire.

The Yes To You Bootcamp Is By Application Only

Selana worked with me to help her improve her energy and shed those post divorce pounds. We started with shifting her to a plant-based diet and detoxing her body. As a result she lost over 40 lbs and felt better in her skin in a long time.
"I'm so grateful that you taught me how to eat! I know this is random, but hear me out. I can't always afford to eat like you...I have a But when I'm in transit, busy or too darn lazy to cook...I pop a bunch of kale in my system or some coconut water concoction...and I'm good for hours. You're a good person LADY ALEXANDER. I don't do diets, because you inspired, trained, and modeled how our bodies crave nutrients and you said to me put the right balance of nutrients in the body and the cravings for eating junk food go away. When you taught me that, it was a whole new world for me to understand my body. I stopped watching the scale, because I no longer needed to." 
Selana Allen

40 lbs Down!

Lusanda came to totally burned out, drained, and struggling to get out of bed daily with no self-care or spiritual rituals in place. She reached a point where she needed to change something to start to manifesting the life and business she desired. After working together for just a short while Lusanda’s burn out and lack of energy dramatically improved. Here’s what she had to say: 
"I started to appreciate nature and the beauty it gives us and how much I tend to not appreciate it.  As a single mom who's an entrepreneur I am a professional juggler but that left me drained. A week later I'm calmer, more attuned to my spirit self. I have manifested great business opportunities and to think a week ago I was so burnt out I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning but it's become easier since the challenge. It was also great to know that I wasn't doing this alone. I'm a great starter but I'm bad at finishing. I'm proud of myself for seeing this through. I am changed and I wish to continue on the journey. Thank you Rachael"
Lusanda Ncapayi

More Energy & Manifested New Business Opportunities!

Sierra began working with me to start moving towards her dreams and getting over her fear of pursuing some of her passions. Through our work together she moved towards her creative dreams of being a cosmetologist as well and adopting a healthier lifestyle!
"From the moment I spoke to Rachael via Internet I knew there was something extremely special about her. I have never met such a positive person in my life! Rachael gave me the tools and exercises I needed to succeeded and become more organize to see my vision clearly and archive my life long dreams and goals. I am healthy and thriving even more than before! I have also become a Vegan and I can not tell you how it makes a difference in mind, body and spirt. I highly recommend Rachael to anyone I know, she is the best coach hands down! I feel so free!"
Sierra Ross

Moving Towards Her Dreams!

She is a mother of 5 kids and definitely needed to have enough energy to be supermom. We worked on her diet and she ended up losing 5 lbs within the first week of us working together! Today Kisha wakes up with more energy, less weight, and ready to take on her day with her beautiful family. 
"So excited to have joined this challenge, I feel energetic, I feed good, and I am making healthier choices now. I have lost 5lbs in less than a week and I am ecstatic and motivated. My kids are getting there veggies in everyday with these smoothies and they love it!!! Thanks Rachael for inspiring me to a healthier lifestyle!"
Kisha Lestagez

More Energy & Over 5 lbs Down!

To grow your business, you must attract people to your business or website. Rachael Alexander was able to understand my business and my ideal client and develop an amazing marketing presence and website. The creative website is not only attractive and appealing with easy navigation, but provides value to potential clients through informative and desirable downloads. The marketing campaign designed to capture emails enables me to proactively solicit potential clients and grow my business. Rachael is an invaluable asset to any business.

Mary Taylor Carr

Business & Life Coach, Bridges Coaching & Consulting

Ursula came to me needing more self care, and focusing on her own purpose. As a massage therapist and healing artist herself, she was neglecting her own needs for those of others. After working together for just a short time she was able to find her center, and continue her work with her renewed sense of purpose and recharge of energy.

Self Care & More Embodied In Her Purpose

Rachael is a brilliant artist and creator. I did her productivity course and got 4 days of work done the very next day. Her fun and comprehensive instruction speaks directly to my 'Mosaic Soul'.

Basu Mu Gadu, YOGICK

Mu Gadu

More Productive, Clear, & Focused Towards His Dreams!

When I started working with Rachael, I was not eating well and a major procrastinator in my business. She started with making some changes to my diet and exercise schedule. She has some awesome smoothie and light carb cooking recipes that completely changed my energy output during the day. I was amazed at how much natural energy is available if you just eat the right foods! Rachael is also great at pointing out areas in your life and business where you are making excuses for yourself...its never easy to confront some of your own brutal realities yet she found a way to effectively communicate to me where I can improve and it made a huge difference in my personal and business results. Rachael is fun, tough at times, and very insightful. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to make significant & positive changes in their life.

Eliah Wells

Author & Business Startup Coach, Eliah Wells

I first met Rachael Alexander at a casting call DG for models which lead to me having my own Designer set of my shoe designs. Her vision have me a platform to work from as a result of the fashion show Rachael the photographer did my first editorial shoot for the same designs in the fashion show since I have used those pictures to help boost my career as a shoe designer. Ms. Rachael is truly a visionary with a go get it spirit seeking to inspire others to do the same and I do greatful the pep talks she gives and teaching and helping us to realize our dreams.

Rain R

Fashion Designer

The Yes To You Bootcamp Is By Application Only