The Align & Thrive 90 Day Business Intensive

Create A Biz You Love In Alignment With Your Mosaic Soul

Yay Mosaic Soul!

If you’ve made it to this section then it is totally divine. I know in the depths of my soul that you are ready to shine your light into the world in a bigger way, and that the souls that you have come here to impact are waiting for you to step into your divinity and show them the way in the gifts that you came to share.

Having many passions and gifts is a part of a new paradigm in the world that we are shifting to. And engaging your many passions and skills in a strategic yet fun way will allow you to finally get paid to be all of you and make the dynamic impact that you desire to make.

So maybe you’ve found your way here because:

  • You are struggling to combine your passions and/or determine what your unique brand really is.

  • You struggle with answering the question “What do you do?” because you do so many things?

  • You are ready to create a thriving business that allows you to be all of you?

I love helping you discover what your unique Mosaic Soul Blueprint is in the world and creating a thriving brand surrounding that.

Are you ready to completely upgrade your business and life and create a brand that allows you to be all of you? Is this you:

  • You desire to create a life and business that allows you to be all of your Mosaic Soul

  • You desire to get paid to be all of you

  • You are done with the excuses and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from expressing yourself authentically and fully in your life and business

  • You are ready to take immense action and show up for yourself and the lives you desire to impact

  • You’re ready to serve your dream soul clients/tribe that allows you to change lives and make a bigger impact

If you struggle with what to focus on in your business, struggle with combining your passions into a thriving business, want to actually connect with your dream soul tribe and grow your business and change your life, and you are ready to take 100% responsibility and take your business & life to the next level then my Align & Thrive 90 Day Business Intensive is just for you!

In this package we will work together to create a solid brand that incorporates all of your passions (if they fit) into a viable business. We will work together to help you build an online web presence and focus in on your specific business model(s) and product/service offerings so that you can create massive results and be wildly profitable.

This package includes a 90 day coaching relationship packed with mentoring, clarity, strategy, inspired action, and accountability to actually make your dream life a reality!

Introducing The Align & Thrive 90 Day Business Intensive

In this 90 Day Intensive you will:

  • Combine Your Passion Into A Viable Mosaic Soul Theme that allows you to expand and grow and also communicate effectively what it is you do for your dream soul clients and tribe

  • Create your signature offer, product, or program that will have your dream soul clients lining up to buy

  • Feel crystal clear and confident talking about what you do in a succinct way so that you can increase your brand visibility and awareness and start putting yourself out there in a bigger way to build your business

  • Have a system (aka funnel and automation) for enlisting new tribe members and enrolling them into your programs and/or purchasing your products that can take your business to over 4 figures a month

  • Have a customized Marketing & Action Plan that will outline the steps you need to take in order to really create momentum and traction in your business

  • Create an authentic, divine, and unique plan for your brand so that you can position yourself as the “go-to” person for your specific dream soul client

  • Have a clear website, copy, marketing funnel, and “gotta-have-it” offers that will build your list and have dream soul tribe members dying to work with you

Imagine your business in one years time and feel into how many more lives you will transform and how much more influence, impact, and income you will enjoy as a result of investing in yourself and your business at the highest level.

When you enroll, not only will you receive the support and accountability of a coach who believes 100% in your vision and ability to achieve your vision, but you’ll be absolutely delighted at who you’ll become in the process of Unleashing Your Mosaic Soul & Transforming Your Business!


What You’ll Receive

    The Align & Thrive 90 Day Business Intensive

  • The Alignment Map™ Business Training: This training will show you the step by step method to aligning passions and purpose with your true essence and creating a thriving Mosaic Soul Business, you’ll learn all about branding your uniqueness, crafting your special offer, and the most effective ways for getting in front of your dream soul clients. This is the exact steps I took to get my first paying clients.
  • The Deep Dive: Two 4 hour VIP Days (virtual or in person) to help you map out your Mosaic Soul Blueprint (unique signature style & character in business) & map out your strategies in person or via Skype ($5000 value). We’ll assess your current business model, your website copy, your niche, current offerings and branding. If you don’t have any of these things, don’t worry. You will when we’re done! I’ll help you get clear, get organized and create a targeted list of action steps to get you moving forward…fast! We’ll also tackle any blocks and create the mindset shifts you need to succeed. When we’re done, you’ll have total clarity and be set up for real results.
  • Recorded sessions via Skype or Phone so there’s no need for you to take notes.

  • 10 Private Coaching Sessions: 50minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions over a period of 90 days where we will via phone or skype and I’ll share my knowledge, support, and encouragement to help you continue to create momentum and get your business out into the world. Each session will be a no fluff and sacred space event where I’ll hold you accountable and keep you on track to building your Mosaic Soul business, taking inspired action, and creating the successful results you desire ($5000 value)

    • Marketing Alignment Action Plan: This is where you’ll align with what marketing steps feel good for you and that you can take to build your business with. This will be your personalized blueprint and roadmap for the next 90 days. You’ll have clear actionable goals and a simple step-by-step checklist to get it done.

    • Unlimited Online Coaching: I am 100% committed to my clients getting what they desire. If you are willing to put the work in then I am willing to support you 1,000% day in and day out. That’s why I offer 24 hours a day online coaching in between sessions. This includes an “email like” correspondence and access to a free app called Voxer where you can ask your questions anytime you feel really stuck. I’ll always respond within 24-48 hours Tue-Thurs to ensure you are implementing and moving right along.

    • Website Critique & Improvement Suggestions: This is where I’ll give you my personal feedback and expert suggestions as how to move forward and improve your website ($500 value)

    • Personalized Fbk Ads Training: This is a HUGE game changer because you’ll be able to grow your tribe at a rapid pace, sell out your products or services, and have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to wait months on end to see results in your business. Also this is the exact method I use to grow my business and receive my first paying clients($3000 value)

    • Funnels From The Heart Training: This is where you’ll map out your sales funnel that will help you to streamline your business and create automation, ease, and peace of mind in your business.

    • Step-By-Step Checklists, Scripts & Templates: You’ll get access to my exclusive library of done for you materials. Everything from my “Craft Your First Offer” template to my weekly “Clarity To Cash Get-her Done List” of money making activities to Website From The Hear & Copy From The Heart Checklists. No Worries I’ve got you covered!

    • Creatively Fearless Customized Visibility Challenge: This is where you’ll bust through massive fear and blocks holding you back. The number one issue with Mosaic Soul Entrepreneurs from creating momentum and success in their business is fear. These challenges will be designed to help you bust through fear and finally get out of procrastination, overwhelm, indecision, comparison to others, and hiding out instead of shining bright. Together we’ll create a plan to gradually get you recognized online and off… and seen as a leader in your field. These challenges will grow you and your business.


      • An open mind and willingness to co-create your business (synergy baby!)

      • 15+ hours a week to work on and in your biz

      • A commitment to taking action in spite of fear

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