Welcome To The Soulful Business Clarity Bootcamp - Please read the following carefully and entirely!

Hello Beautiful Mosaic Soul! And welcome to the Soulful Business Clarity Bootcamp! I’m so excited that you decided to join, invest in yourself, and show up massively to change your life and business. I truly believe that business is a spiritual vehicle that allows us to cause transformation in other people’s lives and therefore I have a sense of reverence for the work that we as transformational change agents have. I also believe that life and business are playgrounds and therefore I don’t take it so seriously. I know that I am a soul having a human experience and because of that I’ve come to not only grow, but also have a shit ton of fun!


Now with that being said I want to first congratulate you for your decision to come play on the spiritual playground of business with me and second I want to give you some guidance and direction to help you get the most out of this deep dive.

First things first, Our Goals For the time we have together are:

  1. Getting you Clarity on How To Combine Your Passions Into A Cohesive and Impactful Business, How To Position Yourself As The Go-To Expert In Your Industry, How To Bust Through Negative Beliefs That Have Been Holding You Back, How To Choose The Right Business Model For Your Desired Lifestyle,
  2. Clarity on Your Premium Offerings (ranging from $3000-$10,000), Creating & Launching Your Marketing Funnel, and enrolling your first few clients!

These are HUGE, life-changing goals, but if you follow through on the action items that we set out together without hesitation, and if you’re willing to push through challenges and bust through fears, then I have no doubt that in the next 8 weeks, you can dramatically transform your life and business.


What’s included in the bootcamp?

  • 8 Week Incubator with me, a Coach Who Gets You And Your Mosaic Soul Nature & Can Help You Create Massive Clarity & Momentum
  • Weekly Office Hours & Unlimited Email Support & Chats on Voxer (Support during your biz building)
  • Feedback And Copy Refining For Homework Assignments From Our Sessions (Sales Copy, Emails, Visual Marketing, Marketing Funnel Building, Anything I ask you to create)
  • Seven 1-hour Private Coaching Sessions + 1 follow-up 60-minute Session to use within 1 month of your business launch

How to Get Help

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. I am here to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time. If you don’t ask for help, you won’t be getting the most out of this program!

The fastest way to get help is to shoot me an email. You can post your landing pages, your ads, your e-mails, ANYTHING you want and get nearly instant feedback.

If you need more detailed, live feedback, join me on our preset strategy sessions.

And please note – I am here to help you with ANYTHING, from landing pages to webinars to client management to your own internal mindset. Whatever you need, we are here for you 1000%, so take advantage!


What to do first?

So by now you should have received your welcome packet, and I’d like you to take at least 30 minutes to an hour and go through it and answer all the questions honestly and openly. Going through the packet will help me get a better understanding of where you are in your life and business, and it will also help you to reflect and create clarity on where you want to be so that when you show up live for your first strategy session you have confidence and clarity to move forward. You will also receive the prosperity consciousness training and soul book. Please schedule the time to go through this because it will lay the foundation for the work that we do together. Now you know I’m all about setting up your foundation right, so if you don’t take the time to go through this all the work that we’ll be doing together will be set on a rickety foundation. And I know you don’t want that.


Also before your first session here are some ground rules to consider and apply. First off make sure you get some rest and eat healthy! You want to be charged and ready to dive in deep for your business, and you can only do that with proper nutrition and rest. Second make sure that when you sign on via Skype or Google Hangouts that you have tested your internet and computer connection at least 30 minutes prior to our Strategy sessions. There’s nothing like technology having a mind of its own, and not being able to communicate effectively on your day of transformation. And thirdly make sure that you come with an open mind, an open heart, and energy of “yes I can!” because this will help you not only dive deep and carve out the treasures you have within you, but it will also help you to propel forward and implement everything that we’ll discover together during our time together.


Other than that you are all set! Now go get started on your Welcome Pack & Prosperity Consciousness Training & Soul Book. I look forward to meeting you, to helping you expand, and helping you to gain clarity on your business!

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6 Steps To Expanding Your Prosperity Consciousness Training


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