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My New Website

I’m working on this creative project of completely transforming my website which should be ready by mid to late February 2016! This is a passion project of mine because part of my business is as a web designer, and one even more bigger important piece to me is that this was a divine download from my soul. And although it took me a while to understand the importance of making this vision a reality, I’m so excited to share it with you! I’ll be sharing behind the scenes clips on the blog and my instagram so be sure to follow me there!

Divine Earth School

This is the online school for awakened living and business that is in the works. This is definitely more than a project, and more like my life’s work, but I’m having so much fun with the creation of the school and my first course offering (The Alignment Mapâ„¢) in it that I felt it was more than worthy to share about here. This school is dedicated towards teaching about how to live more awake, enlightened, and in alignment with your soul. In this school the focus is on business from the heart space and life from the awake space. If interested in signing up for the waiting list, receive an early bird discount, and some free goodies then go here: Divine Earth School.

The Alignment Experience

This is a personal yet macro project that involves me sharing my personal experience of aligning with my soul by dedicating 300 days to meditating at least 1 hour per day and giving myself completely over to divine inspiration of my soul that started on December 1st, 2015. I share daily revelations of stillness or creativity via video or audio; whichever is easiest and fun to do that I can access daily. You can check it out here: The Alignment Experience

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