I was having a special for my photography services and Sharon jumped right on my offer to capture beautiful personal brand photos for her business Raw And Awesome. Sharon is a health coach and Raw Food Chef and has a beautiful following in the Atlanta area where she holds raw food classes and workshops. It was such a pleasure to capture Sharon and her beautiful smile and essence in a photoshoot. Before our shoot together I sent Sharon over some brand photography homework that she felt was very helpful to give her clarity of where she might use her photos and to be more strategic with the types of locations and shots she wanted to get. With Nzinga Imani on set as the makeup artist we were ready to go and had a blast shooting Sharon’s Brand Photography.

You are an absolute pleasure to work with. Your attention to detail and to put me at ease was amazing. You pick out a mean wardrobe too!!!
Sharon Johnson

Raw Food Chef & Health Coach, Raw And Awesome