Brand Design & Photography

Tessa Winbush is a health coach. She was in need of a cohesive brand identity and photoshoot that would show off her professionalism and attract her ideal weight loss clientele. As a recently graduated health coach, but a health professional of many years Tessa wanted a brand the spoke to her professionalism yet also was able to help her attract her ideal clients through the look and feel of her expertise. The end result is a perfectly aligned brand guide, brand deliverables (logo, photoshoot, social media covers, and email design), and brand identity that is now helping her to attract more of her ideal clientele online and offline.

I was stressed out about the photoshoot at first, but you were really very accommodating and I felt really relaxed. It was a pleasant experience. I was happy and able to let you see me. I was able to let my guard down, and you captured me in my element. I had fun, without any stress of getting something right. It was kinda like just two buds having fun and hanging out. We gotta a lot of great work done, and I appreciated your go with the flow attitude. Cause to me, when you really connect and really bond with someone that has a great affect on your end project and work. You gave direction, and maintained control of the shoot, and that is kinda how I like to work. Thanks for believing in me, and for helping me to create a brand style that truly reflects my essence and the soul and vision of my company.

Tessa Winbush Brown

Health Coach, Nourish Your Life