Brand Strategy & Design & Website

Roni Walker is a spiritual coach, writer, and medicine woman at her company Metis Caravan. She first approached me for my Soulful Business Clarity Sessions to help her gain clarity in the direction of her business. After she had clarity of working together that lead to a natural progression towards helping her to rebrand her business for her new overall direction. The end result is a perfectly aligned brand guide, brand deliverables (website, social media covers, and brand identity), and brand strategy.

I knew how my business and my work feels. I picked out some decent colors for it. I couldn’t articulate the soul of my biz though, how it should feel for people. I searched online for pictures to say it for me, without the words, and could never find just what I was looking for.

Somehow, Rachael heard in my voice, or my stories, or my passion, exactly what my work feels like to me and what I want it to feel like to people whom it can help.

She found exactly the colors and exactly the words and exactly the pictures to really express that to
people, to send out a feeling just by looking at my website. It is the soul of my brand. Amazing.

Thank you, Rachael Alexander.

Roni Walker

Writer, Coach, Medicine Woman, Metis Caravan