Brand Design & Website

Alyssa Gedeon is a health coach. As a recent graduate she was in need of a cohesive brand identity and website that she could use to refer to potential clients about her and her services. Feeling lost and confused Alyssa approached me to help bring her vision to life. The end result is a perfectly aligned brand soul guide, brand deliverables (logo, website, social media covers, and email design), and brand identity that is now helping her to attract more of her ideal clientele.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Rachael several years ago. I knew at the time that I was delighted with the website and branding graphics she provided me. However, I didn’t know how LUCKY I was to be able to literally hand her a few bits of info and have her initiate each step of the process. I’ve recently witnessed a friend building her website and it shed light on how easy Rachael made the process. She asked the right questions, and made the process easy. I have an entire brand, including logo, and a beautiful website that she created, and there was never an ounce of stress in the process. She’s very talented and giving of her creative energy. I’m so thankful!
Alyssa Gedeon

Health Coach, Life Inspired By Alyssa Gedeon