3 Steps to Set Your Business Up For Success Before You Launch Your Platinum Brand (2-Part Mini Course)

Catapult With Platinum Branding!

Platinum Personal Branding is the most captivating and most effective way as a spiritual entrepreneur for communicating your message and selling your products and services online. Now it's time for you to benefit from it!


Personal Branding

(platinum style)


Magnetic Visuals &The Best You

(the easy way & without paralysis)

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who is heart-centered, thinks big, and takes action? Do you have a business but no online presence or personal brand yet? Do you struggle to be more visible in your business or are you playing small? Do you have website shame or an unclear message that isn't reaching your potential dream soul clients? Then it's time for you to Start Your Platinum Brand!

In order to share your message, create a thriving business, and make an impact it's time to embrace the power of a personal brand. Many spiritual entrepreneurs are intimidated by the idea of creating a personal brand... and maybe you feel the same way. You may have asked questions like: Won't I have to be more visible? Don't I have to be an expert? Is my website even that important? Will branding even work for my business? Now it's time to realize that Platinum Branding represents a massive opportunity for you! If you learn the simple steps for creating an awesome online personal brand, you can catapult your business and make the impact you came to make!

What You'll Discover in this 2-Part Mini Course:

  • Personal Branding
    What personal branding is and how you can use it to make a bigger impact with your business.
  • Magnetic Visuals                        
    How to magnetize and monetize your personal brand with stunning photos and video.
  • Attracting Your Dream Soul Clients
    How to instantly connect with your right people, sell them loads of products and services they love, and make an impact in their lives
  • Taking Your Brand Platinum
    The 5 Reasons lack of personal branding is hurting your bottom line and how to fix it.
  • The Best Version of You
    How to show up authentically and powerfully in your brand to catapult your business.
  • Eliminate Your Website Shame
    4 easy steps to Plan Your Website.

What Others Are Saying:

Desirée Banugo Creative Entrepreneur & Consultant

"Endigo has helped me to tap into my authenticity more deeply and I feel that my creativity and work is more soul and heart centered. Plus the bonus is I’m shedding many old paradigms that no longer serve me. As a result I have developed my branding which has resonated with my tribe and I have relaunched my website and social profiles with a 100% increase to my mailing list! Also I love the way Endigo is always there with supportive words and biz love for her clients. This entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, but at least you know Endigo has got your back – spiritually and entrepreneurially."

Mary Taylor Carr Business & Life Coach

"To grow your business, you must attract the right people to your business or website. Endigo Rae was able to understand my business and my ideal client and develop an amazing marketing presence and website. The creative website is not only attractive and appealing with easy navigation, but provides value to potential clients through informative and desirable downloads. The marketing campaign designed to capture emails enables me to proactively solicit potential clients and grow my business. Endigo is an invaluable asset to any business."

Eliah Wells Author & Entrepreneur

"Endigo created a very unique and truly inspired brand suite for my business. She has a special talent and unique ability to combine your personality and business in a compelling and visually attractive way. She also understands how to effectively leverage the power of storytelling and helped me to sharpen my message for maximum impact. Endigo is the person you want to hire to get your brand on point!"

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