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Mini Courses

Life Mini Courses

Divine Flow Productivity 

In this course you'll learn how to become productive from a spiritually awakened perspective. You'll learn how to be in divine flow and still bring about your creative ideas into the world with confidence and clarity. Go from frazzled, overwhelmed, and scatterbrained to clear, focused, and confident in your Mosaic Soul expressions. 

Blossom Challenge

In this 5 Day challenge I show you how to create a divine morning ritual that allows you to create thriving and flourishing days that bring you joy, light up your path, and illuminate your soul and spirit. You'll feel connected, you'll feel in tune, and most importantly you'll feel alive and ready to take on your day with enthusiasm and joy!

Back to Nature Challenge

In this 7 day challenge, I walk you through how to destress, get out of overwhelm, and take back control over your inner domain so that you can feel more connected, in alignment, and in control of your life. Through guided daily exercises and yoga, you'll feel invigorated, enlivened, and powerfully awakened to your innate divine power. 

Business Mini Courses

Soulful Yet Strategic 

A Creative Content Strategy Toolbox For Mosaic Souls where you'll learn how to soulfully create content and products from your heart and strategically launch them out into the world.

Niche Clarity Blueprint

A mini course to help you create your Mosaic Soul Theme for your blog and/or business. Being multipassionate in business is not a curse! With this blueprint I show you how to turn your many divine gifts into one thriving blog or business that supports what you intended to explore in this lifetime as a Mosaic Soul.

Get Organized: For Bloggers & Business Owners

In this mini course I share with you how I utilize Google Drive and Airtable to keep my business and blog organized. I share with you some tips, tricks, and resources to bring clarity and organization to the every day running of my business.

Courses & Programs

Life Courses

Divine Earth Living

In this program we dive into what it means to live spiritually awakened on planet earth. There are over 4 courses within this program alone; each covering different aspects of spirituality and divine living. Here are the courses that this program is comprised of:

Spirituality 101

In this course we dive deep into how to traverse the unconventional path to inner freedom on earth and how to discover your true self. We cover topics like: "what is a spiritual awakening?", how to navigate your intuition, understanding the power behind thoughts and emotions, how to integrate your new levels of awareness into everyday life, how to let go of emotional and mental blocks, and much much more!

Life Purpose 101

In this course we dive deep into discovering and embodying your life's purpose and soul's intention. We define what life purpose is and isn't, we help you get clear on creating the life that inspires you and brings you joy in 12 focus areas, and we help you to create alignment in each of these areas to help you thrive in your life and/or business.

Divine Laws 101

In this course we dive deep into the divine laws and principles of the universe, how they govern your life, and how you can utilize this knowledge to create the life you desire. We also talk about how to tap into the natural workings of these principles to let go of old systems of beliefs that no longer serve you.

Emotional Mastery 

In this course you'll learn how to master the two most powerful tools at your disposal along your human journey to master your life - your thoughts and your emotions. 

Sip of Nature Challenge 

In this 30 Day Challenge you'll discover how to eat clean, how to listen to your body, how to eat foods that come from the earth, how to stock your pantry and fridge, how to get your energy and vitality back, how to eliminate brain fog, fatigue, and other health issues, how to become a food detective, and much much more!

Vibrational Aids 101

In this course you'll learn all about the tools that we have to paint our canvas. If life is our masterpiece then we as souls have tools that we can utilize to become the magicians of our lives. In this course we talk about how to utilize several different tools to enhance your spirituality and create your divine life and business. 

Creatively Fearless

We  are all creative especially us Mosaic Souls but -after years and even decades for some of us - we've lost our creative mojo and our ability to bring to life our creative visions. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of "surviving" or "trying to make a living" that we put our creative dreams to the back burner. In this course I show you how to get unstuck, fire those inner gremlins, & unleash your creative spirit! 

Business Courses

Website In A Weekend

Get out of overwhelm, website shame, and finally launch your business or blog online! In this e-course you'll learn how to create a simple yet effective brand, how to create your brand assets, and how to design and launch your website online. A website is simply an online storefront. Whether you're a blogger, a service provider, or product based company this course intensive will show you how to go from idea to reality in less than a week.

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Graphic Design For Entrepreneurs

Want to learn how to create stunning graphics for your online or offline business? Feel like you don't have any clue when it comes to technology? Have a vision for your brand but don't know how to execute it in a clear and strategic manner? If so, then our Graphic Design For Entrepreneurs course is just for you! Designed to take non-techie entrepreneurs from vision to launch!

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The Soulful Business Inception

If you're struggling with too many ideas, "too many passions", overwhelm, and scatterbrain in finally launching your business or blog then this course is for you! You'll powerfully walk through my unique system of gaining clarity on your Mosaic Soul pieces so that you can confidently start and launch your business and become profitable in the quickest amount of time.