Inner Transformation

Awaken Your Mosaic Soul Program

Are you tired of internal negative thinking, mental suffering, not knowing your true purpose, and not feeling vibrant, healthy and alive?


Get ready to dive deep, play, and find your Mosaic Soul through this 12 week virtual intensive program. This is for the creative spiritual women and men ready to do the deeper inner transformational fun it takes to thrive as a Mosaic Soul and authentic creative soul. This is not for the faint of heart! If you are ready to bust through some limiting beliefs and blocks surround your hearts desires, health and life then this is definitely the program for you!

Join in if you would like to:

~ Discover your Mosaic Soul Blueprint which includes your soul purpose, your food blueprint, the passions and play that light you up

~ Shed limiting beliefs, blocks, stories, negative thoughts, and pounds that are holding you back from unleashing your authentic creative self

~ Connect with your higher self, soul, and intuition to allow your next steps in your life to reveal themselves

~ Become one with life, instead of trying to “make” life happen

~ Gain clarity on ways to fit your Mosaic pieces together into a masterpiece of your health, life, and business.

~ And much much more! Best of all you will have embarked on a journey of your soul, dove deep into your hearts desires, embraced the spiritual path, and left with a deeper knowledge of who you are and peace of mind in being who you are with courage.

You’ll get printable worksheets, fun creative exercises, transformational support through a private facebook group, healthier food choices, and love and compassion for yourself and others.

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Classes Start November 6th, 2014 & Are Held Thursday’s at 7:30pm EST

What’s seriously keeping you from living your desired lifestyle? Or creating the business of your dreams?
I recently did an inventory of my life and decisions up until this point, and it occurred to me that I wasn’t playing full out in listening to my intuition. I had rationalized why I wasn’t listening to my soul and made up false, but believable, reasons for why I wasn’t playing full out in my hearts desires. Images of past let downs and “failures” plagued my mind anytime I wanted to fully engage in my hearts true desires. So I procrastinated, I did things to stay “busy”, but wasn’t really getting the work/ fun done according to my purpose.
Have you done that before? Keep yourself busy with things that have nothing to do with your purpose because you are too afraid of being let down, or “failing”. Now I know this might seem radical but the truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as “failure”. Only choices and outcomes. Really that’s all there is. As a Mosaic Soul I recognized this key difference and it literally has changed my life. Now I’m not saying that I don’t still have fear, but I’m at a stage where I have fear but I listen to my soul anyways, even when it doesn’t make sense to my mind.

Where can you listen to your soul and your heart more in your life?

Details of Program-1

Embrace Your Being



Week/Class 1: Commit To Taking Responsibility

– understanding that co-create circumstances and situations in your life

– of your food choices and relationship choices

Week/Class 2: Embracing the Present & The power of anchoring in your body

– in the flow vs out the flow

– being present with the food you eat and recognizing cravings for food vs cravings for junk

– embracing and embedding nature into your daily life

Week/Class 3: Healing The Blocks in order to play

– the stories, excuses, realities avoided

– healing your food choices as they relate to your energy and body image

– turning Your “can’t” into I’m “called” to do it

Week 4: Q&A + Inner Transformational Journey ExercisesFeminine & Masculine Balance

Week 5/Class 4: Embracing the Divine Feminine and balancing that with the masculine for manifestation

– 3 Essential Essences of A Mosaic Soul

– sensuality and sultriness

– being more fully yourself calls you into being more fully in the divine flow which ultimately has no opposites in a higher truth perspective; you then are able to “balance” or rather harmonize without effort

Week 6/Class 5: Strengthening your Intuitive Voice & Muscles

– following your passions & internal nudges

– listening to your heart

– listening to what your body needs in terms of nourishment (rest, food, love, touch, etc…)

Mosaic Soul BlueprintWeek 7/Class 6: Finding Your Mosaic Soul Blueprint

– your purpose in life

– your food blueprint: which foods allow you to thrive

– clarity comes through Action & Meditation

Week 8: Q&A + Inner Transformational Journey Exercises

Week 9/Class 7: The Power of Mini Leaps

– truth moment exercises

– true change takes time, in order to see lasting transformation in your health and life appreciate and embrace the journey rather than being fixated on the destination

– the power of gratitude


Week 10/Class 8: Visualizing + Inspired Action

– taking Action in Joy

– creating environments, situations, and relationships that support you

– focusing on what you desire rather than what you don’t (what you give attention to expands)

Week 11/Class 9: Honoring Your Temple / Listening to Your BodyListen To Your Body

– learning to listen to your body when you are consuming food

– food is fuel, learning the right types of fuel that work best for you

– what does your body feel like after consumption

– free 12 week food journal pdf given at beginning of program

Week 12/Class 10: Eating for Optimum Expression + Q&A

– learning to shed the ideals of what foods you find comfort in versus what foods really nourish you

– letting go of the ideas of “I’m a vegetarian” or “I’m doing the paleo diet” to eating according to your bodies true nourishment



Embracing Your Shadow SelfClass 11: Embracing Your Shadow Self + The Journey

– understanding your shadow self and how it plays a role in your spiritual path

– embracing the moments of downtime, unhealthy food choices, and “mistakes” – the spiritual path isn’t about perfection is about the journey into truly being who you authentically are at soul level

Class 12: Synchronicity & Detachment + Q&A

– only occurs most noticeably when you are in alignment with your purpose and passions.

– letting go of the ideas and conditioning around “security”

– embracing your present moment and stillness in all its facets and taking action from this place


Bonus #1: Boundaries: How To Deal With Sensitivities As An Empath Bonus 20 Minute Audio Download

Bonus #2: Becoming One With Life: Shifting The Concept of What You Truly Need Vs. Egoic Wanting, and Turning From Wanting To Enjoying Life Bonus 1 hour Audio Download

Bonus #3: How To Ground The Awakened Energy In Everyday Life Bonus 1 hour Audio Download



~Strength in knowing who you are and the next steps to take in your life

~Inner peace and inner guidance

~More clarity on a career or business that fits you best (note: can be multiple fit nicely into your Mosaic Soul Blueprint)

~More vitality and healthy decisions towards your relationships with others, food, and money

~Better coping mechanisms to deal with stress

~Peace of mind and a deeper connection with your Ethereal Essence, spirituality and practice, and your spiritual path

~Shed undesired pounds, adopt healthier food and lifestyle choices


About Endigo Rae

Endigo Rae had a spiritual awakening at the age of 18 in 2007 when she read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. She then experienced a deep sense of peace and states of bliss for an entire year. In the ensuing years she went back and forth between her shadow self and her true self. She became a vegetarian in 2010 and has self studied many different diets under the vegetarian label. She is a trained singer-songwriter, composer, photographer, health coach, and much more. Spirituality has always played a major role in her life ever since she was a young child. She had longings of wanting to go “home” and not wanting to be on earth anymore at the age of 5, and didn’t understand the suffering and negativity created by her parents and those around her. Being very sensitive and an empath she’s battled and struggled through negative thinking, negative self-image, and the desire to end her life. This suffering has been the catalyst for her to come into spirituality and become more fully who she is first without labels. She hopes to pass along this wonderful energy of effortlessness and beauty that she experiences to others, and hopes to help show others a way out of their own suffering and self-created misery, disconnection, and unhappiness.

All 12 Live Classes will be recorded and available for you to download and have for future reference

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Work 1-on-1 with Endigo Rae

There are 5 available openings for the 1-on-1 Coaching at $2997 or 4 Payments of $750

Want To Work 1-on-1 With Endigo for the 12-Week Program

or Still Have Questions?

Click Here To Speak With Endigo Rae

Cart Closes November 6th, 2014

Classes Start November 6th, 2014 & Are Held Thursday’s at 7:30pm EST

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