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Hey family and friends,

I need your help. As you may know I own an online business and have been working with clients in building their online businesses through web design, marketing, and branding (photography & graphic design) over the past couple of years. I find myself in an embarrassing yet serious predicament. Two clients of mine which were taking care of my living expenses defaulted on their payments this January leaving me in desperate need to come up with rent and other living expenses. So to combat this I ask God what I should do, and I was told to ask for help.

Now you know from me in the past that I’ve put on live events and done photoshoots and all that jazz, so I was thinking instead of only asking for your money in support of me raising my money for rent and other living expenses I could also add in an extra incentive for you!

It’d be my great pleasure to offer photography and web design services for my friends and family at a very low price. This price is ONLY for friends and family as I charge way more for my actual services. This is in reflection of me trying to raise money for my previously described situation.

I’d be happy to offer $50 photoshoots for individuals and couples, $100 photoshoots for families of 3 or more, and $500 web design with a wordpress site of your choosing. For the web design there is an additional cost of $30-60 for the purchase of your web domain and hosting if you don’t already have it.

My Goal is to raise $2000! I’ll keep this page updated with how much I raised. My deadline is February 7th.

Please feel free to select your options below. And if you feel like just donating I’ve also included a donation button below!

I appreciate your loving support thus far on the journey of life and I hope that you understand and can help in any way! Even $1 will get me one step closer for those of you who just like to donate.

Love you all,


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