How To Quickly & Easily Eliminate Worry, Overthinking, & Stress In as little as 10 minutes
even if you struggle with a demanding life & schedule.

Do you struggle with worrying, constant stress, burnout, and panic or fear about the future?

Do you wish you knew a way to kick stress to the curb without totally having to be lazy or giving up your dreams and goals?

I've got the answer for you right here!

Hi, I'm Rachael Alexander, the founder of Divine Earth School & and I help Mosaic Souls reconnect to their souls so they can lead more fulfilling and thriving lives.

I know just how hard it can be to slow down, take a breather, and really destress when you've got a lot on your plate, so I've put together a new FREE meditation mini course to help transform your stress into joy-filled action.

Meditation For Perfectionists

Free From Stressed Out To Chilled Out: Meditation Mini Course

The "Not So" Secret To Radically Transforming Stress & Worry Into Empowered Living & Action From Certainty.

Are you ready to finally kick worry, stress, and overwhelm to the curb?

Grab this FREE 3 audio mini course & learn how to radically shift your perception and connection to your well-being in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Shift your perception to create the life you want without stressing out, overworking yourself, or becoming constantly overwhelmed.
  • You get out of the same old cycle that has you questioning yourself, your course of action, and your sanity.
  • Create new habit patterns and gain a valuable skillset that will help you create a thriving life for a lifetime. 
  • Discover the number 1 mistake all perfectionists makes when it comes to creating a life they desire.
  • You get my "Positive Expectations" poster as an instant download, as a thank you for signing up.

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