Create A Brand & Business That Allows You To Be All Of You

Are you a multipassionate spiritual entrepreneur ready to combine your passions into a fulfilling and soul-centered brand and business?

With this workbook you will:

  • Combine your many passions into a viable and magnetic business
  • Bust through some commonly held beliefs that have been holding you back from thriving 
  • Discover your soul's purpose
  • Utilize your many passions throughout your business

This workbook will be helpful and insightful for you if:

  • You've had a spiritual awakening or are on the spiritual path (like me) and just can't quite figure out how to combine your many passions and divine gifts into a single business
  • Your business is as much a spiritual practice as your life, and is a natural extension of your divine gifts, passions, and skills
  • ​You have many passions and are ready to embrace a new paradigm of being and doing all of what ignites you in your business rather than limiting yourself because someone else said you should
  • You believe in the Law of Attraction and are ready to embrace the truth that your business is as much an inside journey as and outside journey
  • You have a strong desire to run your business in a spiritual and awakened way, but can't figure out how this will work with all your passions
  • You desire to have confidence in your Mosaic Soul (multipassionate spiritual creative self), and you want to bust through some limiting beliefs that might have been holding you back from being all of you in your business
  • You truly believe it's possible to be all of you and do all of you in your business in an authentic, non-overwhelming, natural, and easy way
  • You are ready to let go of a lot of the fear-based ways of doing branding, business and marketing and ready to embrace abundance-based ways of doing your business - aka you knew that fear, scarcity, and lack tactics weren't the only way to do business!
  • You prefer to experience ease and effortlessness when it comes to your business and do not resonate with the "hustle hard" way of doing things
  • You believe and understand that all your answers and guidance come from within you and that people are only doors, avenues, and vehicles to help you look within, access your own divine power, and shine your light in this world
  • You believe that YOU are your magic pill for success, not anything outside yourself, and understand that everything outside whether it be a business coach, mentor, or method is only a tool that you resonate with to help you achieve your desired results
  • You'd like to play, have fun, and take inspired action only when it comes to you and your business and life

About Rachael

Rachael Alexander is an International Performing Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor (Spiritual Teacher with Flair). She helps Mosaic Souls (multipassionate creative spiritual people) to realize their full potential in every area of their lives; from holistic health to spirituality and business. A trained health and transformational coach, serial entrepreneur, singer-composer, musician, artist, and professional photographer & brand specialist, Rachael invites Mosaic Souls to uncover their divine essence and purpose by recognizing that they are already whole and divinely created. She advocates that abundance and love are our natural states of being and we only need to go within to realize and actualize these truths. She is the creator of & Divine Earth School coming winter of 2016. She looks forward to helping you realize your true essence and purpose in life & business.