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Why Mastering Your Mindset Is Crucial For Success

Do you struggle with sticking by your intentions or creating the life, business, creativity, or freedom you want? In today’s video I go into the #1 key ingredient to helping

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The Truth About Healing

There is a different concept and truth about healing that is potent in knowing how to receive the desired outcome and health and well-being that is innate within all of us. In this short audio I share

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8 Benefits of Aloe Vera & 6 Ways To Use The Plant

Hey Mosaic Souls! I’ve been loving the use of aloe vera and find that it has so many benefits for your health and well-being. In this video I share 8 benefits of the aloe vera plant as well as 6

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Food Energy

Have you ever noticed how you feel after eating certain foods? Or ever considered that food has it’s own energy vibration? As a proud woo-wooer I’ve noticed that eating fruits that have higher

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