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Food Energy

Have you ever noticed how you feel after eating certain foods? Or ever considered that food has it’s own energy vibration? As a proud woo-wooer I’ve noticed that eating fruits that have higher

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Acne – Confession Time

One of the many reasons I chose to start eating more raw is because of my chronic acne. Watch my video below: What are some of your health struggles that you face or reasons that you’ve come to

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“Woo-Woo” Shit Is In

If you haven’t noticed already, but “woo-woo” shit is totally in. From visualization, to meditation, to self realization, to manifestation, to energization (ok that isn’t a word),

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The #1 Meditation You Can Do Now

BREATHE! Simply take a few seconds and give attention to your breath. Let thoughts come and go, don’t get attached to them, refocus your attention on your breath. Close your eyes if you need to.

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Pearry Banana Green Smoothie

  Perry Banana Green Smoothie! This smoothie is awesomely sweet and savory, and for all those who don’t care for the compassionate milk (non-dairy milks) you don’t have to worry because you

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Branding Strategy For Artists (Zen Habits To Stardom Episode 10)

Are you an artist and you’re curious about how all this stuff about branding applies to you? Or have you studied business advice but are struggling to apply it to you as an artist? Or are you just

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