Give yourself the…

You’ve been in business for a couple of years, or you’ve tried to start your business for years now and the one thing you find yourself doing every single month is changing who you serve, how you serve them and what you do.

You are a multi-passionate, multitalented, powerful woman or man who struggles with figuring out what your magic juju is, and find it exhausting trying to fit into one box that others have set out for you to fill.

You are fed up and up to your ears with frustration in getting your business off the ground, with not making money from your many talents, and with not making the impact that you know you can make.

You are a Mosaic Soul ready to Unleash!5

You see it’s not you. There’s nothing wrong with you.

The thing that’s broken, is not who you are, but the system you live in.

You see those other coaches, artists, consultants, and designers seemingly living the “good life” and you want in!

But the problem is you are trying to fit in where you naturally stand out beautiful!

I know this story all too well, Mosaic Soul, because that was my story not so long ago.

Like you I struggled with finding my “right client”. I struggled with choosing a “niche”. I struggle with trying to be somebody that I’m no in order to pay the bills.

But like sharks in water I was found out. So I withdrew. I went inwards, and I found a strength and resiliency in me that I thought I lost a long time ago.

And what came out on the other side of that was courage, love, passion, talent, transformation, and impact. I started to wake up excited about my day and the lives I was meant to touch. I started creating things that I loved to create without any intention of “getting clients”. I started to make products and launch services that I love, and get to wake up and do exactly what I want.

And you wanna know how I did it?

By being me. Not some cookie cutter version of who I thought I should be.

I stepped up and I owned my desires for luxury, for brilliance, for creative freedom, and for touching millions of lives, for love, and for passion and the universe responded in kind.

That’s why I created the Mosaic Soul Business Map for multi-passionate spiritual entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to own all of their brilliance, share their divine gifts, and create wealth/make money being themselves.

This intensive and implementation program is designed to help you be yourself boldly and fearlessly and get paid to do it.

It is literally like no other program on the planet because it recognizes that you are more than just a human being, that you are a soul here for massive growth and expansion, and to explore and share the many gifts that you have with the world.

It acknowledges that your multi-passionate nature is not a curse, but a gift to be utilized, enhance, and exploited in the most authentic and masterpiece forming of ways.

So if you’re ready to let go of the procrastination, dump the overwhelm, and burn up the copy cat business formulas then look no further than the Mosaic Soul Business Map! A 90 Day One-On-One Intensive designed to help you go from frumpy and an all-over-the-place mess to confident, sexy, and profitable business being the epic version of yourself!

How do we do that? We help you identify and combine your most prominent Mosaic Soul Pieces and hold them under the light of the soul themes that you’ve come to explore as a divine being in human form, i.e. your life purpose.

So if you are ready to dive into being all of you and take 10your life and business to the next level go ahead and apply for my complimentary Mosaic Soul Discovery Session.

I’m opening up my calendar over the next 6 days to be of service to 5 Mosaic Souls who are ready to play big and launch/rebrand their business in order to create the lives they truly desire and deserve.

So Apply To Book Your Session Below!

Application For Mosaic Soul Discovery Session

This Free Discovery Call is NOT a coaching session.

The purpose of the call is to discover whether coaching is the right next step for you.

 Discovery Calls are reserved for women and men who:

1. Are serious about coaching
2. Are interested to see if coaching with Rachael is the right fit
3. Have the needed financial resources to invest in coaching
are willing to finally stop the “I can’t afford it” story and are 100% committed to invest in themselves & change their life!