How To Release Negative Emotions, Eliminate Stress, & Create True Lasting Inner Freedom To Unleash Your Creative Spirit & Live Your Purpose Fueled Life.


Your Host:

Rachael Alexander​​​​​

Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor (Spiritual Teacher with Flair)

Rachael is an International Health & Spiritual Life Coach & Intuitive. She's helped hundreds of women empower their health, lives, and creativity to create amazing energy, beautiful lives, and unlimited joy.

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What you’ll discover on this masterclass:

  • 5 simple steps to help you release blocks, fears, and scatterbrain that are holding you back from truly unleashing your true self in your life and business
  • The #1 secret to unleash your creative spirit, follow your heart, and live your soul's true purpose
  • Why negative emotions can be a good thing and how they can lead to your greatest joy and soul expansion
  • Why taking 100% responsibility for your life can cause massive transformation in your life and free you to go after your dreams and heart's desires
  • How to make transformation permanent, dramatically increase your intuition, and finally let go of the need to read a ton of self-help books, seek answer externally, and be an information junkie all while staying stuck in a rut and cycle of inaction and internal roadblocks

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