You’re a multipassionate spiritual entrepreneur (transformational force) and you struggle with trying to build a business on your many passions. You see the problem isn’t your many passions or that you jump from one topic to the next – the real issue comes down to you becoming so externally focused that its difficult to build a business on the most foundational piece that there is – YOU. It’s not about shoving all your passions into a box, or even cutting some of your passions off. What it’s really about is building your business on who you really are, why you are really here, and who you are here to touch, impact, influence, and change. You’re a change-maker, and it’s time to start owning up to that. Let’s ditch the overwhelm and the “going outside of ourselves for answers” habit, and get you moving in the direction of your wildly profitable brand and divine life and business!

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What is a Mosaic Soul?

You are! You are likely a multipassionate, multitalented, creative and spiritual person ready to unleash your greatness and brilliance into the world… and especially in your life and business. You are tired of feeling overwhelmed, scatterbrained, in fear, in confusion, or feeling stagnant. You feel that you are a divine soul and creator, but just need help showing up in your life, and better yet creating an amazing life according to your passions and desires.

When you are authentic to your self you attract positive curiosity, compliments, and questions from others. You shine brightly in many areas and emanate grace, authenticity and presence because you are those things! You are so ready to create the masterpiece of you and ready to let your Mosaic Soul use your life as its canvas that you want to do, be, and embody what it takes to make it happen.

Official Definition: A multipassionate spiritual person who understands that they are first a soul having a human experience and came here not only to learn lessons, and have fun, but also to awaken to their true essence within and fully express that as much as they can while enjoying the journey of life. A Mosaic Soul is also a multitalented and a multifaceted person because of their divine multidimensional souls, and they follow what they are most passionate about in any one given moment.

This website is designed to be a sacred home for you to connect with your soul & body, unleash your creative genius, make your dreams a reality and design your life and business as an expression of your Mosaic Soul. Here we focus on: life, fostering healthy living, living in the present, unleashing your creativity, making dreams real, business building, and passion finding. The central theme that links all of these subjects together is creating the masterpiece of you from the inside out. I define “masterpiece” as your life and business, and “inside out” as following your soul, intuition, and heart.

I share on at least one of those topics at least once a week. Mosaic Souls is a name that comes from a concept that you can live a rich and fulfilling life doing all that you were meant to do using all your creative abilities to do so. With my brand Endigo Rae I use the word “Endigo” to stand for spirituality and conscious/mindful living, “R” for “Rich” because I believe it is our birthright as human beings to live in abundance and prosperity.  Because its hard for me to accept any one label, I also chose “R” for “Renaissance” because I believe that we can do anything we put our minds to and achieve success in multiple areas and subjects. I use “A” for “Artsy” to describe those that are creative in any way, from writing to painting, to teaching and more because almost every career/job requires that we be creative to sustain and thrive in it. I use the “E” for “Entrepreneur” to describe the type of person taking a risk to live a happy and fulfilling life on their own terms, and not someone else’s. I define success as making an impact in your own life and the lives of others in a positive way.

My Vision for Mosaic Souls.

I launched Endigo Rae with the goal of sharing not only my journey of thriving as an artist and human being, building a community, but also from time to time share other Mosaic Soul’s journeys and stories of how they do the same. I write with conviction about:

~How creativity, entrepreneurship, and doing things in an extraordinary way can allow you to live your making.

~Dispelling the “starving artist” myth and other conventional mindsets/ideas that keep us trapped in unhappy lives/patterns.

~How personal growth, passion-finding, and healthy eating can lead to a fulfilling life that you would’ve never imagined.

~Mosaic Mondays: My own artsy journey to success in the online & entertainment industry and living the life I want; my own movement and viewpoints, and chronicling my own progress, successes, and failures.  **or you could say “my own progress, both my successes and failures.”*

To My Fellow Mosaic Soul

As you discover your personal power and creativity as a Mosaic Soul, remember, as Margaret Mean said, “We need every human gift and cannot afford to neglect any gift.” and because of that, you have a right to create the extraordinary life you want through your terms and with your gifts and abilities and newly acquired ones. This is all possible because of creativity. So use your gift because the world needs you!

your friend and fellow Mosaic Soul,

Rachael Alexander

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This site is not for everyone. I wrote this song a while back called “Get On”, and a bit of the chorus goes like this “if you’re not down with me, then get on! And if you’re trying to work against me, then get on! But if you’re headed in my same direction, then come on! But if you ain’t then you need to Get On!” So I completely understand that if you’re not down with my message or my art then you will be “getting on” so to speak, but know that I still send love and light your way anyhow. :) However if you are down with my message but not really my art/music stick around and explore! I have some great content that you’d enjoy.