You are here because you are ready to stop playing small, and ready to be your most authentic self in your life & your business.

You are a Mosaic Soul, my friend. A multipassionate spiritual entrepreneur Ready To Unleash your divine power if you:

  1. Are ready to realize your true self, and aren’t afraid of diving deep into spirituality, manifestation, health, self realization, self actualization, creativity, and a little quantum physics to do so.
  2. Know you are meant to be and do more in the world but have been stuck or confused about how to make it happen.
  3. Are a multi faceted spiritual entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who has many passions and suffer from overwhelm, scatterbrain, or are at a stand still cause you don’t know how to move forward in creating your fulfilling and thriving business.
  4. You struggle with low energy, brain fog, and minor health issues, but not minor enough for you to ignore and that are beginning to rob you of vital life energy you could be putting towards your divine life and creativity.

So first of all just pause….

Take a deep breath.

You deserve to be fully expressed and live the life you were born to live. I get it, and I get you. Because I’m just like you. You are not alone. I am here to help.

I’m Rachael Alexander, and I’m passionate about helping and inspiring multipassionate spiritual people – aka. Mosaic Souls – to connect with their integrity, unleash their creativity, and align to their divinity in order to lead and create thriving and authentic lives and businesses. After years of learning, practicing, and embodying deep spiritual principles, sharpening my artistic and mentoring skills, and empowering inspiring, and guiding others to follow their hearts, I started this business to create a home for Mosaic Souls to thrive and be fully expressed. What is a Mosaic Soul? Click here to find out more.

Being a thriving Mosaic Soul means you make time to have peace of mind, be more creative, paint, dance, sing, write, spend time with loved ones, spend time in nature, self reflect, and truly just be more fully present and fully expressed. I’m a Mosaic Soul just like you, and I know what it feels like to be confused, overwhelmed, and a little less than confident on how to find your mission and create your desired lifestyle from the inside out. But here’s the kicker, I’ve spent the time, effort, and brain power on figuring out the keys so that you don’t have to all alone.

What is a Mosaic Soul Mentor? I am a spiritual teacher with flair. The flair being my multipassionate and artistic nature + health and business acumen.



I’m Rachael, The Artist + Mosaic Soul Mentor

On this site I share insights, thoughts, mini movements, truth moments, and soul nuggets. My personal journey and Mosaic Soul is the testing playground for spirit to unfold and come through fully. In the light of awakening and embodying it more fully by staying awake, there are sides and stories of light and dark. No “perfection” in the normal sense of the word, and duality in full swing, I’m learning to embrace it all, embrace all of me (human and beyond), embrace this journey and share a bit of what I learned along the way. My intention is to help you discover your true life’s work and purpose, launch a business that helps you express your unique work in the world, and have massive clarity, confidence, and energy so you never have to experience overwhelm, scatterbrain, or burnout again.

I’m going to provide you with practical tips and actionable steps that you can turn around and use right away to discover your purpose, launch your business, and boost your energy, output, and mindset as a Mosaic Soul.

How? I teach it all from a spiritual/metaphysical perspective so that not only are you having clear strategy and tactics, but you also learn the underpinnings of WHY these work and how you can actually get real results in your life and business.

There is a need to turn inward so that we can discover what truly is the driving force behind why our unique souls incarnated on the planet, versus just moving from the logic of the mind only; which gets you into a lot of overwhelm, scatterbrain, and procrastination quick.

In doing, there is a natural movement from our souls intentions into this human experience, and magic and majesty start to happen – you actually start seeing real life results in your life and business! 

So who am I, and what’s my story?

I started out as a full out more than triple threat: from professional singer-songwriter, professional photographer and graphic designer, model, actress, to health coach and spiritual teacher. I’ve been a Mosaic Soul since the start of it all. I didn’t feel very conflicted about all my talents until I left high school and went to college. Coming from a performing arts school I thought it was “normal” to be able to do multiple things. I thought “who’d want to do “one thing” for the rest of their lives?” I then had a spiritual awakening at the age of 18 when I read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

I then experienced a deep sense of peace and states of bliss for an entire year. In the ensuing years I went back and forth between my shadow self and the deeper truth that I had realized all while running multiple businesses as a photographer, singer-songwriter, music teacher, and full on entrepreneur. In 2010, I lost one of my closest best friends at the time to cancer, became a vegetarian, and became obsessed with health and spirituality. Then I became self studied in many different diets under the vegetarian label. My best friend was a spark, catalyst and so much more in helping me to be bold, fearless, follow my heart, and be an artist unapologetically. After losing him, I decided that I wouldn’t let my fears hold me back any longer, and that I would pursue my dream of being a full time artist.

After making the decision to go artist and entrepreneur full time I faced self doubt, the backlash of listening to other people’s opinions, and really struggling to live my passions in integrity with my true heart. I also had limited beliefs and thoughts of mind that prevented me from believing in myself and dreams. But thenI am a self trained and professionally trained singer-songwriter, composer, photographer, health and transformational coach, and graphic designer, director and filmmaker, fashion designer, and dynamic being. I see our minds as the only limit, but when we let it the divine has joy in expressing itself through all of us. Spirituality has always played a major role in my life ever since I was a young child. I had longings of wanting to go “home” and not wanting to be on earth anymore at the age of 5, and didn’t understand the suffering and negativity created by the adults and others around me. Being very sensitive and an empath I’ve battled and struggled through negative thinking, negative self-image, and the desire to end my own life several times.

This suffering has been the catalyst for me to come into embodying spirituality and become more fully who I am first without the labels, and then to embrace the divine essence that I really am while creating the masterpiece of me. Today I wear multiple hats and run multiple businesses including being an Artist and Mosaic Soul Mentor, and I hope to pass along this wonderful energy of effortlessness and beauty that we all are already connected to onto others, and to help show others a way out of their own suffering, blocks, self-created misery, disconnection, and unhappiness, and realized the dynamic and immaculate being that we really are at soul level. I partner with Mosaic Souls who want to realize and embody their soul essence, authenticity, and inner joy that may have been hidden, tucked away, or just plain burned out because of old beliefs that are preventing them from manifesting the lives and businesses they really want. These brave Mosaic souls really want to have more fun, play, joy, inner and outer wealth, and peace in their lives and businesses. They want to be more fully expressed, and have more confidence in their ability to show up authentically in the world, while making an impact, changing lives, and living fully and abundantly.

Well you have a few options on ways we can work together:

So if you’re still reading you’re probably wondering if we’ll be a great fit. Me too beautiful!

So we’ll have an instant connection if:

  • Having deep meaningful perspectives on life and business jazzes you up
  • If you love personal development and spirituality and approach your life and business from a spiritual standpoint
  • You don’t take life that seriously, but are a high achiever and don’t settle for less in your life and manifestations
  • You are an action taker, with the added “ju-ju” of the divine, God, source, angels, or any other spiritual assistance and guidance to aid you in your pursuits
  • You believe in a balance of the masculine and feminine (action and being) energies in life and desire to live more intuitively and let action be in service of intuition

So if you’re still reading then you resonate at some level. And let me be the one to tell you Mosaic Soul, there ain’t no such thing as coincidences! You landed on this page for a reason!

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