You’re ready to dump the confusion, scatterbrain, and procrastination on starting your business. All these ideas that are bumbling around in your head is making you feel stuck and getting you absolutely no where.


You are a multi-passionate visionary or creative with hundreds of great ideas, yet no clarity on any of them and no confidence on which one to actually focus on or start with. You feel lost and wish you could not only find clarity on what it is you do, but who you serve and how you can combine your passions to serve them. You wish you could just focus, follow your heart, AND make money, but your Mosaic Soul nature feels more like a curse than a gift.

Let’s change that shall we?

“Soulful Biz Clarity Sessions”….

So aptly named.

Clarity is the key word to describe working with Rachael Alexander. I approached this Mosaic Soul for “The Soulful Biz Clarity Sessions” because I just had so many ideas for my business. I had started a business but there were too many pieces to fit into it and to make sense out of. I was just dealing with a big jigsaw puzzle. My experience with Rachael, brought everything together for me, brought out of me a linear, maybe a circular concept of all the bits of me that wanted to come out and shine, to help people in so many different ways.

It was like we put all those jigsaw puzzle pieces together to make one beautiful, big picture – a beautiful Mosaic that fits my Mosaic Soul.

I had so many businesses and opportunities swimming around in my head. Great ideas, great online tools. The tools I was getting from other people were far ahead of where I was. Do I build contacts or content? Which biz? Can I put it all in one biz? I just saw myself with a bunch of jigsaw puzzle pieces.

When I did the Soulful Biz Clarity Sessions with Rachael Alexander, she made me see the order of operations. She showed me how to make money now while building my larger plan in the background.

Like magic, Ms. Alexander fit all my jigsaw puzzle pieces together so they made a clear picture.
Clarity, like magic. Now instead of sitting at home in overwhelm, I’m out there making a business and helping people and shining. Wow, it’s wonderful.

Thank you so much Rachael Alexander.

Roni Walker

Writer, Crafter, Coach, Metis Caravan


The Soulful Business Clarity Sessions are for Mosaic Soul Entrepreneurs (multipassionates, creatives, and big-hearted visionaries and leaders who want to start or launch their business but can’t seem to figure out what to launch it in, how to combine your passions, and how everything actually fits all together. You know that there’s a stage out there for you, you just need help getting ready to play and perform full out!

Imagine for a moment:

  • Waking up in the morning and knowing that you have a day ahead of you where you get to engage in your many passions or whatever you want to do because you’ve created a leveraged and freedom based online business.

  • Checking your bank account feeling excited and yet relaxed because you no longer have to struggle to pay your bills because your Mosaic Soul Business is profitable and impactful.

  • Being able to play with other like minded souls and help others with your products and services that you feel proud and confident to offer because you finally know what you do, how you do it, and who you serve.

  • Living life on your own terms and one that you’ve created by design with clear, confident, and heart-centered strategic focus

  • Because when you follow the call of your Mosaic Soul to start your business and combine it with soulful and strategic steps to get you to where you desire to be your business will not only be a natural reflection of who you are in the world, but it will also give you the opportunity to grow, expand, and create a life and business that reflects the type freedom you desire to have.

And that is what I want to help you create!



  • Your business foundation that maps out and creates clarity on who you are, what you do, who you do it for, why you do it, and how you do it so that you’ll no longer run around in confusion and can start to build your business with confidence

  • A profitable niche that you serve and can create a sustainable and thriving business with

  • A vision and plan for your future that will catapult you forward with confidence and business savvy that will serve you for years to come

  • Clarity on your products and/or services and a solid marketing plan for launching them and promoting them out into the world

  • Clarity on your message and what you’ll actually say to prospective clients and customers. Finally be able to say “what you do” with confidence and without tripping over your words.

  • Confidence in creating a business that lights you up, allows you to follow your passions, and makes an impact in your life and the lives of others

  • The chance to create an online business that actually makes you money and enrolls new clients and/or customers with clarity on the systems and strategies you can implement (including all the techy stuff)



You’ll receive a thorough welcome packet that should take you 1-2 hours to complete. You’ll gain clarity on your story, your purpose, your values and mission, and how to turn that into the foundational structure for your business. You’ll learn how to combine your passions and many ideas into a cohesive and clear business. After you finish your welcome packet you’ll turn in your answers and be ready for your first session with me!


You’ll gain massive clarity on your biz numbers and what you need to be bringing in to make your business profitable. You’ll know which passions you’ll be moving forward with and how to actually combine them into a Powerful Message that you can communicate clearly. Whether a product based biz or service based biz, your business answers a need in the marketplace and by the end of this session you’ll know exactly how.


You’ll choose your niche, and then you’ll be asked to do some thorough research on your target audience and really dive in deep to get to the root of what it is that you’ll actually be offering and how you’ll go about speaking about it. After your research you’ll start to map out possible solutions you can offer them. This process should take about 3-10 days.


We’ll work together to completely refine your who and come up with exact solutions that your audience actually wants. You’ll have complete clarity on what you’ll offer through your products and/or services and know exactly what you will be leading with in your business. You’ll also get homework and feedback concerning your website and sales page copy so you feel confident moving forward with your business offerings.


Together we will map out what kind of free content you should be creating to attract your ideal audience, and which marketing avenues you’ll be sharing on to grow awareness about your business. Together we’ll craft a brief marketing plan so that you leave with clear, inspired, and fun action steps to take so you can grow your business (sales + tribe). We’ll strategize and customize a plan for you so you know where you’ll be marketing free content and when you’ll actually put things into place. So no more “what should I be doing today?” in your business. You’ll know what to focus on and what not to focus on so you can be actively moving forward with growing your soulful business with confidence!


In this session we’ll have a follow up of all the inspired action you’ve taken towards gaining clarity on your specific right biz and also you be able to ask me any questions regarding your business, inner alignment, spirituality, technical issues, and other logistical matters regarding your business. You’ll leave this session feeling in tune, connected, confident, and clear about the direction you’re going in your new business!


  • A Three 1-hour Session Incubator with a Coach Who Gets You And Your Mosaic Soul Nature & Can Help You Create Massive Clarity & Momentum

  • Weekly Email Office Hours (Support during your biz building)

  • Feedback And Copy Refining For Homework Assignments From Our Sessions (Sales Copy, Emails, Visual Marketing, Marketing Funnel Building, Anything I ask you to create)

  • 1 follow-up 60-minute Session to use within 3 months of your business launch


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Ready To Launch Your Business Beautiful?

The scatterbrain and procrastination is costing you big time! You deserve to have clarity and confidence in starting your business and moving forward with your online business. In these 3 powerful sessions you’ll have clarity on who you are, what you do, and how you do it so that you can go out there and start impacting those you most desire to. After you book your session you’ll be redirected to your Welcome Packet; which is a fillable questionnaire before we begin our first session.

When You Click To Enroll You Are Agreeing To This Enrollment Agreement.



Ruth Bakatukanda

Ruth is the creator of Zuri Fitness, an up and coming fitness company dedicated to help men and women take charge of their lives by taking charge of their bodies and health.

My experience working with Rachael has been very dynamic. She helped me understand how to better identify my audience, use facebook ads and how to do an effective webinar presentation. With her help, on my very first webinar I was able to land my first client! Rachael did a great job by helping me speed up the time it takes to grow a project from dream phase to actually generating online income. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone doing or looking to do business online.

Eliah Wells

Author & Entrepreneur

To grow your business, you must attract people to your business or website. Rachael Alexander was able to understand my business and my ideal client and develop an amazing marketing presence and website. The creative website is not only attractive and appealing with easy navigation, but provides value to potential clients through informative and desirable downloads. The marketing campaign designed to capture emails enables me to proactively solicit potential clients and grow my business. Rachael is an invaluable asset to any business.

Mary Taylor Carr

Business & Life Coach, Bridges Coaching & Consulting

Rachael has helped me to tap into my authenticity more deeply and I feel that my creativity and work is more soul and heart centered. Plus the bonus is I’m shedding many old paradigms that no longer serve me. As a result I have developed my branding which has resonated with my tribe and I have relaunched my website and social profiles with a 100% increase to my mailing list! Also I love the way Rachael is always there with supportive words and biz love for her clients. This entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, but at least you know Rachael has got your back – spiritually and entrepreneurially.

Desiree Banugo

Creative Entrepreneur

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Rachael several years ago. I knew at the time that I was delighted with the website and branding graphics she provided me. However, I didn’t know how LUCKY I was to be able to literally hand her a few bits of info and have her initiate each step of the process. I’ve recently witnessed a friend building her website and it shed light on how easy Rachael made the process. She asked the right questions, and made the process easy. I have an entire brand, including logo, and a beautiful website that she created, and there was never an ounce of stress in the process. She’s very talented and giving of her creative energy. I’m so thankful!

Alyssa Gedeon

Health Coach

Who this is for: 

  • You are a personal brand (service based or product based entrepreneur or infopreneur)

  • You’re ready to take fast action in order to see fast results

  • You desire to create a business that is authentic to your intuitive, spiritual, creative, and multi-passionate nature

  • You feel that your business is an extension of your divine gifts on the planet

  • You are willing to take the time to dive deep and unravel your soul’s nuggets of wisdom and guidance to create an action plan that lights you and gives you massive clarity on starting your business

  • You are willing to dedicate 3 sessions and time outside to dive into the exercises and live one-on-one trainings and really implement it in your life and business to see the transformation you truly desire and deserve

  • You are an action taker and want to combine your many passions into a business that is fulfilling financially and spiritually

  • You want to master your inner world (mindset) to create the confidence and inner knowing that your divine gifts are here to make a difference at whatever price point feels in alignment with your divine success

  • You take 100% Responsibility for your life and business, and are open to honest, intuitive, and professional feedback

  • You are ready to get out of the cycle of overwhelm, scatterbrain, and no forward momentum in your business

  • You are committed to playing big in the world and helping lots of people

  • You are a go-getter, and action-taker, and are passionately gifted at what you do

  • You are deeply spiritual (believe in the law of attraction and other universal laws & principles) and committed to your growth

  • You are ready and willing to shift your money story and any resistance that shows up for you that may prevent you from being the epic version of yourself

  • You are coachable and show up powerfully to get the results you desire

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity on your “niche” once and for all

  • Confidence in saying what you do and who you serve

  • Clarity and on what you offer in your business

  • A solid marketing plan outline to help you grow your biz

  • A completely aligned business from your free offers to your paid offers and your dream soul clients*

What happens when you say yes to yourself?

  • I’ll personally send you over your welcome packet and initial training

  • Once you finish and turn it in we’ll schedule your first session via a link to my business calendar

  • Then we’ll get started and help you gain massive traction and momentum!


Payment Plan Available On Next Page

Ready To Launch Your Business Beautiful?

The scatterbrain and procrastination is costing you big time! You deserve to have clarity and confidence in starting your business and moving forward with your online business. In these 3 powerful sessions you’ll have clarity on who you are, what you do, and how you do it so that you can go out there and start impacting those you most desire to. After you book your session you’ll be redirected to your Welcome Packet; which is a fillable questionnaire before we begin our first session.

When You Click To Enroll You Are Agreeing To This Enrollment Agreement.