Our souls are hysterically looking at us saying “Oh these humans, they take life way too seriously!”

Every life experience we’ve had and ever will have is just that – an experience. No meaning inherent except the meaning we give it. We’ve come here for them – experiences that is. And no matter how upset, enraged, overwhelmed, or confused we get we are still indestructible divine beings. We get our panties all up in a bunch, nose wrinkled, forehead sunken – not realizing that we are so powerful pretending to be so disempowered, while our souls are enthralled with the human journey of uncovering how powerful we really are!

Divine creators of our own human experience – we came to enjoy the process of waking up to who we really are. And once we realize this – the journey of fun, immeasurable peace, and unconditional love and joy begin!

Listen to the welcome home from my Mosaic Soul to yours audio below: