Alignment & Transformation for Life, Health, & Creativity

Intuitive Life Coaching

You (Mosaic Soul)

You are a multipassionate spiritual person ready to be all of you in your life and/or business. You thrive on being able to live your life on your terms. You are awake, aware, deeply connected, and creative. You are so ready to create a space of self discovery, creative discovery, and/or turn your life from ordinary to magical and majesty. You like to do things with ease, and you believe in miracles.

You are not afraid to dive into your thoughts, emotions, feelings to get to the root of anything that might be getting in your way of living your life to the fullest and being all of you unapologetically.

You have a desire, a dream, something stirring in the back of your mind and deepest part of your heart.

I want to hear it, I want to help you discover it and make it come to life. Together on this playground that I call life, we can use tools of spirituality, health, manifestation, a little quantum physics, and self realization to create the masterpiece of you.

Our Work Together

My mentoring is based upon the Mosaic Soul Essence which entails the three Essences: Ethereal, Whimsical, and Grounded correlating as Spirit (Be – Inner World), Mind (Do – Bridge), Body (Have – Outer World). We work together to build your connection with your true essence – inner journey (embodying and reconnecting with the divine – being present, knowing egoic mind from voice of spirit, cultivating a deep trust and knowing in the now moment and your own divine nature – one consciousness), awakening and unleashing your creative Mosaic Soul – bridge (as you’ve developed your trust in the divine you begin to follow your heart and inspirations more, you go where your heart leads you, and you are in the flow). Creating a Magnetic Brand – outer journey (you’ve set the inner foundation and began building the bridge, now you want to connect your passions and creativity with your business and money, you gain the tools, systems, techniques, and structures to build a magnetic brand according to your heart and the soul of your clients/customers).


By the way, I’m very direct and straight to the point, but also loving and supportive.

Our divine sessions include brainstorming, shifting to your preferred reality, and creative strategy that will help you put your spirit in charge of your life and increase your movement from your heart space rather than your head space only. You’ll experience more joy, excitement, majesty, peace, and ease about your decisions and actions moving forward as a result. We focus on you being you in every area of your life, and sometimes that means letting go of things, people, or ideas that no longer work for you, the real you inside.

I hold a safe judgement-free and inquisitive space for you to express your true heart’s desires, while also being a voice of reason when/if the “poor me” voice comes in.

I see you already as whole and in your “perfected” state, so all the limiting beliefs and stories that you may tell I don’t buy into. That’s what a therapist is for.

We get down in the nitty gritty, and taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and emotions is the very first step to your healing and majestic life.

I’m your Mosaic Soul Mentor here to help you piece the many pieces of you together in your masterpiece called your life and/or biz. Real, compassionate, and lovingly holding your hand along the way.

Ways To Work Together

Often times we may just need a tune up to get us moving in the direction of our souls again or sometimes we may need deep healing that can last over several months. Other times we just want that extra support to help us make the necessary and desired shifts to our preferred way of living. That’s why I offer Monthly, 3-months, or 6 month coaching sessions. Each of my clients are different and therefore have different needs and desired outcomes for their lives, so I shy away from offering cookie-cutter coaching when it comes to intuitive life coaching. Just haven’t felt the intuitive guidance to create something of that nature in this side of my coaching as of yet, so I flow with what resonates with my soul to offer.

Here are some of the things past clients have experienced while working with me:

  • More access to creativity and finding their passions
  • More trust in the divine & themselves
  • Peace of mind and fun attitudes towards their lives
  • Increased intuition and ability to make decisions
  • More time to play, have, fun, and create
  • Increased self care and overall health
  • Increased Energy
  • Reduction and elimination of stress, fatigue, and depression
  • Confidence to go for a promotion or new job
  • Increased self-esteem and self-love
  • Healthier & stronger relationships
  • Increased courage to make dreams come true and to take chances
  • Release of limiting beliefs & victim stories
  • Increased connection to divine source and their higher power
  • Less worries about the future
  • Weight Loss & Eating Healthy
  • Working more with dream soul clients & letting go of clients that don’t fit
  • Tools to put living in the moment into practice.
  • Increase in self confidence
  • Increased intuition in life decisions
  • Increased productivity and doing more of what you love
  • More time to spend with loved ones and doing your passions
  • Increased income & financial freedom
  • Waking up excited about each day
  • Increased sense of peace, vitality, and gratitude
  • More time in nature, healthier bodies, and healthier mindsets
  • Accountability in getting things done and sticking to what your desired outcomes are

Your Investment

When you sign up to work with me we determine how you’d like to go about it together. I’ll make my intuitive suggestions, and we come to a soul stirring yes and collaboration!

As I don’t work with more than a few people per year, the programs are custom tailored towards you and your masterpiece creation and these high-value life changing work partnerships range from $250 for an individual session all the way to $6,000 for a 6 month program. The exact pricing depends on the work we do together and the length of time we do it in.

Ready To Work With Me 1-on-1?

It’s pretty straight forward. If you resonate with my words and way of working with my clients thus far, then the next step is to book an initial Discovery Session with me at the introductory price of $99. I feel this is the best way to see if we are a good fit for each other and for you to see what intuitive coaching is like with me.

There’s no real way to know what it’s like to work with me other than to speak with me and get a feel for what I offer. Use your intuition, and go with what resonates for you. No hidden fees other than the introductory fee of $99.

If something inside of you sparks up with excitement or curiosity to explore coaching with me then go ahead and take the following steps: 

  • Reserve your introductory Mosaic Soul Discovery Session by clicking the teal button below ($99 investment). Pay through PayPal.
  • Then on the following page fill out the pre-session questionnaire (which helps me to understand your needs, desires, and desired outcomes so that we can set a clear focus for the session).
  • Select your date/time for your session after you’ve filled out the questionnaire, and reserve about 60-90 minutes for the session
  • Call in via skype or phone to the Skype ID or telephone I give you (whichever suits you best)
  • In this session we’ll move our bodies, get centered, gain clarity on where you are now, and then gain clarity on where you want to be. Afterwards I’ll tune into my intuition and either lead you through a helpful exercise to gain clarity, or just shoot it to you straight and help you shift vibrationally to your preferred reality, whether in your life or business.
  • During the session my intention is for you to receive absolute clarity on your best next steps you can take to get into further alignment with your desired reality and outcomes. There are no specific “right way” to go about doing things so I will never force any idea or one way of doing something. I believe in following your passions, and will guide you to follow your own inner guidance at all times. I am just hear as a sounding board, and ultimately an externalized guide for you to receive the necessary soul nuggets you need to continue you along on your journey.
  • If it resonates with you to go further we will discuss coaching or service options that best fit your needs and desires along with the investment

Mosaic Soul Testimonials:

From the moment I spoke to Rachael via Internet I knew there was something extremely special about her. I have never met such a positive person in my life! Rachael gave me the tools and exercises I needed to succeeded and become more organize to see my vision clearly and archive my life long dreams and goals. I am healthy and thriving even more than before! I have also become a Vegan and I can not tell you how it makes a difference in mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend Rachael to anyone I know,she is the best hands down! I feel so free! Sierra Addish

Makeup Artist, Atlanta, 2Faced Beauty

I’m so grateful that you taught me how to eat! I know this is random, but hear me out. I can’t always afford to eat like you…I have a mortgage…lol. But when I’m in transit, busy or too damn lazy to cook…I pop a bunch of kale in my system or some coconut water concoction…and I’m good for hours. You’re a good person LADY ALEXANDER. I don’t do diets, because you inspired, trained, and modeled how our bodies crave nutrients and you said to me put the right balance of nutrients in the body and the cravings for eating junk go away. When you taught me that, it was a whole new world for me to understand my body. I stopped watching the scale, cause I no longer needed to. Selana Allen

Filmmaker, Tell The Tale Pictures

When I started working with Rachael, I was not eating well and a major procrastinator in my business. She started with making some changes to my diet and exercise schedule. She has some awesome smoothie and light carb cooking recipes that completely changed my energy output during the day. I was amazed at how much natural energy is available if you just eat the right foods! Rachael is also great at pointing out areas in your life and business where you are making excuses for yourself…its never easy to confront some of your own brutal realities yet she found a way to effectively communicate to me where I can improve and it made a huge difference in my personal and business results. Rachael is fun, tough at times, and very insightful. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to make significant & positive changes in their life.

Eliah Wells

Author & Business Startup Coach, Eliah Wells