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How To Follow Your Passions When You Have Fear

Hey Mosaic Souls, I share on how to follow your passions when you have fear, you don’t know what they are, or you have many of them. This was inspired my friend Allison’s video here:

As always flow with what feels good and let go of what doesn’t. 🙂

How To Dramatically Boost Your Know Like & Trust Factor

The #1 thing you can do for your business when aiming to acquire new clients or customers is to increase your know-like-and-trust factor. Besides making sure you’re speaking to the right people- your target audience.

Building relationships with your audience is the thing you want to focus on in the acquisition of new clientele.

So how do you do that?

By being More Visible.

Here are the 4 pillars of becoming more visible in your industry.

1. Share your passions.

Aka share what you know about – your expertise. Knowing where your prospects (other like minded souls) are in their journey as it relates to what you offer and sell is a great place to start. Because then you’ll know what kind of content or information you can share that demonstrates your expertise / know-how. Also Know what results you provide and what problems you silver with your business. This creates cohesion in your messaging.

2. Create a 2-way conversation.

Your prospects want to find answers to their questions. Solutions to their problems and as a creator and expert this is a great way to not only create good will, but to also position yourself in their minds as the go-to person for their problems.

3. Share your story.

We are all humans and we are wired to relate to one another based on the stories we tell one another. The old adage “facts tell stories sell” is still true because we are emotional and vibrational beings so even though on occasion we may purchase through a logical whim. We always do things in order to feel better, that’s just how wet are wired. So when you connect with another human being on an emotional level you are creating a link in their minds as someone who understands them, who they can relate to, and who they’d want to do business with.

4. Be consistent.

Whether you soak to your tribe once a month, 3 times a year, or every week doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you ate consistent at being yourself and sharing YOU with your audience. A great way to create consistency is to create in bulk, and create an automated system for sharing your creations, or create a system for constantly staying in front of your desired audience or prospect. Automation is an awesome tool and friend to Mosaic Souls ;).

So your turn! How have you increased your “know-like-and-trust-factor” in your business? Share in the comments below!

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How To Find Your Niche Market without cutting off your other passions

First of all let me just say that this entire “find your niche” thing baffled me for years in my business as a Mosaic Soul. As someone who had helped many types of people achieve many different kinds of outcomes it felt like a slap in the face to my passions for me to just choose one!

So how did I remedy the situation. Well to be honest, I ditched the idea of a niche(link blog post) and just started showing up in my business more as myself. As I started doing that by sharing videos (because it’s what lights me up at the moment of this writing) and sharing blog posts and other content and trainings people started to show up in my business wanting to work with me.

One of the things I learned from this is that #1 – Authenticity can be the remedy of all confusion, scatterbrain, and overwhelm. When you show up authentically as yourself and share things (through marketing) in your business because it lights you up (not because you’re trying to get a whole bunch of people to like you) that energy become contagious.

#2 I didn’t completely “ditch” the whole niche thing as much as I just transformed it into something that made more logical and heart-centered sense to my Mosaic Soul.

So what did I do?

I created a nest for myself – a sacred space where I could show up authentically as myself and share my vast knowledge on everything that excited me. And I linked it all under one umbrella theme of ALIGNMENT, which is basically a word that stands for mindset, personal development, and spirituality. These themes have always been the driving force of my life besides creativity – so I knew that that was what I wanted to build my business around because it’s the way that I’m built.

So how do I get away with talking about my favorite recipes to branding your website to creating an amazing life all in one business?

Well let me bruk it down for your Mosaic Soul ;).

I mapped out my dream soul client and their different problems that they had and which ones I felt confident that I could help solve.

Then I got focused and started to concentrate on my immediate desired outcomes and aligned my passions with those in my business. Because I love to talk about so many things I decided that I’d narrow down my target market to folks just like me (or similar) who want to create divine lives and business from their hearts and souls and those that are Multipassionate in nature. I decided that these beautiful souls were also creatives and saw the world through the viewpoint and lens of the law of attraction and divine laws of the universe amongst other things like spirituality, personal development, creative expression, and metaphysics.

My immediate desired outcomes when initially finally relaunching my business was to make some sales and get some clients in the door so that my business was no longer a hobby, but an actual living breathing entity that would grow on it’s own.

I chose my niche based upon what I struggled with and overcame as well as what I felt I could help others do. So for my niche I decided to create a digital ebook that would walk Mosaic Souls through ditching scatterbrain, letting go of procrastination, and starting an online business.

As for the various topics that my blog and business includes – well they are just expressions of me and what I feel excited to share. I make it clear and I create niches and offerings based on my expertise and what my audience wants and needs. The truth of the matter is that as a Mosaic Soul you will have multiple niches – heck just as a growing business owner you will serve multiple clientele and help alleviate multiple (yet related) problems.

The key when just starting out is to identify one that allows you to still operate in integrity, gain new clients under that umbrella, then expand and grow into other niches.

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Spiritually Awakened In Business

Hey Mosaic Souls,
I had some insights and experiences that lead me to share this audio with you in hopes that it will open a doorway to freedom for you in your life and business. Through shifting the way you view the world you can honestly shift your beliefs and transform your life and business. Enjoy!

Passions To Purpose Video Training

Do you want to start a business that allows you to do transformational work in the world, but you struggle with too many ideas, multiple passions, and stress to actually get started?

Have you tried to gain clarity on which business to start, but procrastination, low energy, anxiety, or even depression is preventing you from doing the work you were meant to be doing in the world?

Are you working at a job that is stealing the life and soul from you and putting you under so much stress that your dream feels like a distant memory rather than a certain, possible, and achievable future?

Is struggling to get out of bed every morning a norm for you, or does exhaustion feel like an everyday struggle that’s preventing you from following your dream of starting your dream business and creating the life you really want?

Then it’s time to finally kick stress and low energy to the curb and for you to join me for my Passions To Purpose video training.

In this Free video training you’re going to learn how to let go of stress, anxiety, and indecision so that you can have more confidence and move towards clarity to start your right business.

Youll learn why following your heart has been a struggle up until this point, and you’ll learn how to leverage the divine laws of the universe to create the life you want.

You’ll also learn a simple meditation you can do anywhere to help you drop back into your power and move forward with a strong inner knowing and intuition to move towards your dreams and confidently yet strategically let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Enjoy your free video training!

Create Your Divine Health & Life:

Ready to end the fatigue, exhaustion, worry, and burnout and finally let go of those unwanted pounds? Want to feel more connected to your true self and create a life that you know you deserve? Learn How here:

Create Your Divine Business:

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New Brand Strategy, Design, and Website For Plug M.E. N2U

I’m a total brand geek to the core. I didn’t realize this until late last year though. Creating brands and designs for friends, colleagues and then eventual paying clients was something that just inspired me. I would honestly meet someone and then get divine downloads about their branding and direction. I didn’t know that it was a gift until last year, and I didn’t take it super serious until the beginning of this year.

That’s when I started to really up my game as a brand strategist and designer and learn everything I could possibly learn about the entire process. Design has always come natural for me so that’s something I’m always constantly learning about and improving on, but branding felt like home to me. And learning and discovering that I am a brand strategist just felt like I had finally come home to my calling in the world.

It was like this pathway that just emerged out of darkness that was leading me towards the light into greener and magical pastures haha. So that’s why I wanted to share a new strategy and design that I’ve recently taken a client through. So without further ado here goes!

Creating a brand strategy, brand design, and website for my Be You Package is such a joy for me! It allows me to help my clients bring their best selves forward and create a brand strategy, design, and copy that showcases their strengths and attracts their ideal clients and/or customers. This was definitely the case with Plug M.E. N2U.

New Brand Strategy, Design, and Website For Plug M.E. N2U

New Brand Strategy, Design, and Website For Plug M.E. N2U

My Branding Process

It’s always a fun balance between bringing to life a vision for my client’s brand and also making sure that the strategy and brand assets are in alignment with getting the results my client is looking for. So my branding process usually begins with a discovery call between me and my client to make sure that we are a good fit for each other and to make sure that both of us understand what is needed from each other to create and complete our work together.

My brand discovery calls are complimentary and are just used as a litmus test/alignment tool to make sure of three things:

  1. That both parties are excited to work together. Being excited and passionate about doing business together I feel is what makes my career choice so worthwhile. So having a client just as excited to rebrand their business and move into their new chosen direction is such a fulfilling experience!
  2. That you’re business is ready for a full rebrand process and is ready to commit to the work that is needed to bring your vision to life. For instance knowing exactly who you serve, how you serve them, why you serve them, and what you actually sell to serve them (products and services) is crucial to have in place before taking on a big rebrand or brand project in general. This way there is a clear path to how you will go on to recoup your investment because branding is an investment in your business.
  3. That we are the perfect co-creators and great team together. Your business is your soul expression and so knowing that you are placing your divine gifts into the hands of another who cares, wants to see you shine and succeed, and is soulful and strategic to help you get there is crucial in your ability to create an authentic, aligned, and beautiful brand.

As a company that’s been in business for over 4 years, Plug M.E. N2U has helped all types of entrepreneurs and small businesses as a marketing and branding firm. So I knew it would be a fun project to help bring his vision to life for his own company.

Diving Into The Brand + Creating Your Future

However many things weren’t systematized in his business, and the brand had no cohesion or overall sense of professionalism outside of the owner as far as online web presence goes. And that can definitely tend to happen with many of us service providers who are so busy serving that we don’t take a chance to evaluate or align our own brands and visions. So that’s what Milton and I set out to work on together. Milton E. Davis is the founder of Plug M.E. N2U where he helps small business owners, organizations, and personal brands power up their brands and gain more exposure in their business to increase their revenues.

New Brand Strategy, Design, and Website For Plug M.E. N2U

New Brand Strategy, Design, and Website For Plug M.E. N2U

So upon I knew immediately that he has big dreams and a big heart and utilizing archetypal branding as my tool of choice I knew immediately and intuitively that he was the Hero Archetype. But I wanted to find out his other archetypes so that I could begin working on his brand strategy, design, and assets. So we began to with my initial branding questionnaires and homework. Upon finishing his homework we discovered that Milton’s archetypes were as follows: his Essence Archetype is Hero, his Expressive Archetype is Creator, and his Intuitive Archetype is Ruler.

Utilizing Archetypes is one of the ways that you can paint a clear path to your future. So often we as entrepreneurs struggle with being able to communicate our essence in a clear, concise, and beautifully aligned way, and that’s where I come in. I jokingly call myself the brand shaman because I literally help to not only heal your brand, but also help you to see your future and what needs to be done to get you there. I love using Archetypes to help entrepreneurs gain clarity on their brands.

So after receiving the initial brand insights back from his homework Milton felt a sense of clarity and excitement for the branding process because he felt understood. When asked how his Archetypal Fusion made him feel this is what he had to say, “I felt like I really identified with the Hero and the Creator archetypes and I feel empowered – like I can create and do anything. I feel it identified me really well and it’s 99% accurate.”

So with that new insight in hand along with the other homework he finished I could finally begin working on his Brand Soul Guidebook. This book is one of the culminating pieces to the work that I do with my clients. It is a book that is used by many different companies and business owners to give the company guidelines and standards in how they do business, how they communicate, and how they are visually represented. It’s strategy, messaging, and design all wrapped in one, and to be honest one of my favorite pieces to help make for clients.

Brand Assets & Collateral

After completing and delivering the Brand Soul Guidebook to Milton he was super excited and said “I love it and how deep and detailed it is. It makes me proud of my company and the work you’ve done on it.” So from there came the next step of creating Milton’s website and other brand assets. Milton’s old website was decent, but it didn’t capture the overall vision and feel for where he wants to take the company. His website felt more promotional than like a professional and reputable marketing and branding firm that he wanted the company to feel like.

Milton’s Old Website

So that’s where my healing and magical powers came in! After having created the final Brand Soul Guidebook it acts as the perfect map to help me create the rest of Plug M.E. N2U’s brand assets including his website, business card, letterhead, and social media graphics. Here’s a sneak peak of the brand Assets I’ve created for Plug M.E. N2U:

Business Card & Letterhead

Facebook Header

Stock Images


Social Media Templates


My Be You Package is a two week process and from start to finish once I have all the necessary materials from my clients feels like a very fun rollercoaster ride that I can’t wait to share with other business owners! Now that Milton’s branding journey has come to an end with me he’s out there promoting his business and already receiving such a positive response from his new brand direction. It was such an honor and privilege to help him bring his vision to life!

I asked Milton how he felt about the entire process and here’s what he had to say, “Ok this is my baby, this is my child and I could finally see that my child could finally go to school and grow up. It took your special woman’s touch to nurture and bring to life what I couldn’t do and didn’t know how to do. This is an important thing that I think business owners need to learn – that’s it’s ok not to know, and it’s ok that you can’t do it alone. What you did I couldn’t, because A) I don’t have the attention span and the detail to put it together. I feel like I’m the captain full speed ahead and you are my number one advisor helping me to see if there’s a hurricane ahead and what move to make next. And I look back at all the my work over the past 5 years, all the trials and tribulations, disappointments and setbacks, and feel like they were all worth it in this moment. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Check out Plug M.E. N2U’s website right here!

Interested in working together?

Check out my pricing & packages on my Brand Design & Strategy page here.

Then once you’ve done that schedule a complimentary Mosaic Soul Discovery session here so we can get to know each other and see if we’re the perfect match for each other!

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