How To Know What Business To Start

Don’t Know What Business To Start Because You’re Struggling With Too Many Passions or Ideas? Let’s start with you. No one is you. You have a special set of gifts that can blend and fuse well together all uniquely your own. Us as Mosaic Souls have...

The Difference Between Your Brand & Your Business

Business and branding have been used a lot interchangeably in business and more specifically online business for quite sometime now. But I wanted to share with you the definitions of both and why I’ve purposely kept them separate. Now just as a caveat for personal...

The True Definition of Desire

Hey beautiful! So while doing yoga today I had so many revelations that I just had to share them. No plans, no makeup, just raw, real truth telling! The true definition of DESIRE! This one has literally shifted my entire life perception! Sooooooo deep and real. Check...

Hey beautiful! I’m Rachael.

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Entrepreneurs, Creatives, & Soul-centered Individuals hire me to help them align, design, and launch themselves and their brands so they can lead happy lives & make a bigger impact in the world.


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